Kyoto #29: 南禅寺【Nanzen-Ji Temple】

What a great scnery
Nanzen-Ji in Kyoto

Nanzen-Ji is a temple with many historical buildings, including the famous monuments in the vast precincts spread out at the foot of the Higashiyama Mountain Range. Nanzenji has also many national treasures and important cultural properties, and people can see beautiful scenery during the season of cherry blossoms, fresh greenery and autumn leaves.



The premises of Nanzenji Temple, where tourists rush throughout the year, are covered with trees. It creates buildings and gardens and stunning colors. There are lots of cultural and historical heritages and breathtakingly beautiful Japanese gardens and nature!!! So people would always be relaxing and feel time goes by so slowly.

Be Loved At The First Sight…
 There are some large gates until you get to the main temple there. The large San-mon gate, which is 22 meters high, is a place where anyone can come and go along the hallway. On a sunny day full of greenery, the sky blue and the greenery of the trees that color the three gates are especially photographable.

San-mon gate

It is one of the gates that must be entered in the Japan (Kyoto) Three Gates, and you can go up to the roof for a fee. It’s one of the few such gates that are opened to the public(pay area), and a climb to the top to enjoy the 360° view is well worth the effort.

Viewa from the roof


Center of Nanzen-Ji…
The hall of the building which can be said to be the center of Nanzen-Ji. It’s not open to the public, but many people visited because it’s enough beautiful and has also great drawing of gragon inside. The dragon is also an eight-member who protects Buddhism, so many dragons are drawn on the ceiling of temples. All the huge pictures are impressive.

Main hall
Drawings of cloud dragon


What a beautiful temple…
Nanzen-Ji was built in 1611 and has been designated as a national treasure. The best part of there is HoJo garden in each tatami room. There is a wide variety of garden inside and all garden will be overwhelming. In addition, people can take a break while tasting matcha and Japanese traditional sweets in Takinoma room.

The Entrance

Takinoma room

Hojo garden

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