Kyoto #26: 三千院【Sanzen-In】

Must-See gardens…
①Shuheki-en garden

When people are listening to the stream flowing in the garden and the stream of water flowing from the back of the garden while looking at this beautiful garden, we all definitely feel like time flies so fast because of such a beautiful and breathtaking scenery of gardens.

Shuheki-en garden

In addition, there are front porch called “Engawa” in front of the garden, people can enjoy seeing the garden while drinking Japaese green tea they serve (500yen). It’s so delicious that make us enjoy and relax there.

Green tea set


②Yusen-en garden
Yusei-en garden seems that it consists of lots of beautiful things. A beautiful garden which looks like a green carpet, and a magnificent pond, trees of Japanese cedars and Japanese cypress. Everything goes well together and make a spectacular view even though there are so many things at the same place.

Yusen-en garden


And also, there are interesting things on the green carpet. That is…Warabe Jizo in various places there. It seems like to me that they welcome people who visit there with warm smiles. There are totally 6 Warabe Jizo. I want you to enjoy to find all of them and take photos!! It would be one of the ways to enjoy there to find and check their faces and appearances, who is buried in the moth ground, lying down on it and in various forms.

Warabe Jizo


③Ajisai-en garden
The flower named “Ajisai” means hydrangea which blooms in rainy season from may to june. After walking through two gardens, we’ll get to Ajisai garden. Especially in the rainy season (May to June), we can enjoy colorful hydrangea blooming here and there.

Ajisai-en garden


Around Ajisai garden, there are also lots of the statues of Warabe Jizo. Don’t miss them too!!

Warabe Jizo in Ajisai garden


This time, we have introduced Sanzen-In in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there and see its beauty and magnificence. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature there.


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・ Open: 9:00-16:00

・Admission Fee: 700yen(Adult)

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