Kyoto #26: 三千院【Sanzen-In】

What a breathtaking gardens
Sanzen-In in Kyoto.

Sanzen-In doesn’t have only great buildings and things, but also two traditional Japanese gardens in the precinct. For instance, the architecture with history and tradition, two old gardens with beautiful moss and green trees, Shuhekien garden and Yuseien garden. In addition, people enjoy seasonal beautiful nature there.


Sanzen-In was originally established as a hermitage in 788. It is famous for its cherry blossoms in spring, hydrangea in the rainy season (May-June) and autumn leaves in autumn. Tourists visit Sanzen-In all year round to look at two beautiful gardens.

Sanzen-In  is also well known that it has two beautiful gardens called Shuheki-en and Yusei-en Garden, but these two are gardens with a completely different atmosphere, which was praised it as “the Oriental Jewelry Box”. There are many attractive things in Sanzen-In, as well as these two gardens.


Long But Really Fun Walking…
When people arrived at the bus stop named Ohara, then we’ll walk the approach toward Sanzen-In. It takes 20~30 minutes by walk but you can see lots of beauty of nature and souvenir shops along the road. In addition, we also can enjoy shops along the approach.


Japanese art crafts shop

Restaurant and souvenir shops


Almost there…
When people get here(Picture below), almost there to Sanzen-In. But the approach still lasts for a minute until the gate of there. There are some restaurant and souvenir shops!!


Food and souvenir shops


Sanzen-In in magnificent nature… 
The world of Sanzen-In start!! The scenery, which people can enjoy in the extraordinary atmosphere of Kyoto, is rich in flavor. Above all, Sanzen-In is a place where people can see national treasures and Kyoto-like gardens that can only be seen here, and it will heal your heart.

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Inside Sanzen-In

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