Kyoto #16: 仁和寺【Ninna-Ji】

Famous for cherry blossoms
Ninna-Ji in Kyoto.

Ninna-Ji Temple in Kyoto, registered as a World Cultural Heritage in 1994. In the precincts, there are Edo period buildings designated as national treasures and important cultural properties. It is also famous as a scenic spot for cherry blossoms in the spring, such as Yoshino cherry trees, weeping cherry trees, and late blooming Omuro cherry trees.



Ninnna-Ji is the World Cultural Heritage in Japan. It was built in 888 and also well known as one of the historical temple in Japan to appear in the famous old Japanese tale “Tsurezuregusa“. In addition, is’s famous for Omuro Sakura, which is known as a late-blooming cherry blossom in Japan.

What a Beautiful Cherry Blossoms…
There are about 200 Omuro Sakura in Ninnna-Ji Temple, and the combination of Omuro Sakura and five-storied pagoda. Ordinally normal cherry blossom blooms for a week in early April but this blooms after other cherry blossoms are withered, like in mid-April. There also are other kinds of cherry blossoms like weeping cherry and so on.

Omuro Cherry


Yoshino cherry blossoms

Unbelievably Many Traditional Properties…
Ninna-Ji has a large site, and there are many attractions, mainly buildings. There are many interesting things, such as buildings that have been relocated from the old Imperial Palace and things that are slightly different, and most of them are registered as national treasures and important cultural properties.

Main Hall

Five-stories Pagoda


Great Impact on Your Memory…
Nio-mon gate is designated as an important cultural property. Built from 1641 to 1645, it is 18.7 meters tall and very solid. The Nio statues are set up to prevent Buddha enemies from entering Ninna-Ji. Each of these statues has a different name and facial expression, representing an angry face.  “Agyo” on the right has a facial expression that expresses the feelings of anger, and “Ungyo” on the left has a facial expression with anger inside.

Nio-mon gate

Nio statues



This time, we have introduced Ninna-Ji in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there and see its beauty and magnificence of cherry blossoms in spring. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature there.


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・ Open: 9:00 ~ 17:30

・Admission Fee: 500 yen