Kyoto #12: 天龍寺【Tenryu-Ji】

What a beautiful garden
Tenryu-Ji in Kyoto.

Tenryu-Ji is one of the world heritages in Japan. In addition, it doesn’t have only facinated gardens which is well known as beautiful cherry blossoms and autumn leaves but also an impressive painting of Dragon called Cloud Dragon on the ceiling. It is located in the middle of the main street from Togetsu-kyo bridge to the bamboo grove and is easy to stop by. Then people have no choice but to go there!!


Tentyu-Ji Temple

It was built in 1339. It’s a real historical and old building but it was burned out so many times before. Here Tenryu-Ji has a bunch of highlights, for instance, gardens, traditional architectures, great drawings and so on, which attracts many tourists through a year.

Kyoto Traditional Atmosphere…
Tenryu-Ji is the biggest heritage in Kyoto, which is consist of two main halls and gardens. And people can take a rest inside Tenryu-Ji while seeing beautiful garden. That would be great time in Kyoto-like atmosphere!!



Even corridors which connects each halls are also very facinated, so people can feel old atmosphere and walk with excitement.


What a magnificent garden…
In addition, there are beautiful and awesome Japanese gardens called Sougenti garden. Everything looks like Kyoto-like view, and really really cool. In autumn, poeple can see these sceneries with beautiful autumn leaves. Autumn leaves and fresh green beauty from the porch of the largest building at Tenryuji, is exceptional.

Sougenti garden


Mysterious Dragon Drawing…
It’s really famous as one of highlights of Tenryu-Ji is the “Unryuzu” which means heavely dragon in the clouds, drawn on the ceiling. It was drawn on its ceiling by Japanese traditional artist Matazo Kayama in 1997. A huge dragon is drawn in a 9m diameter circle. This dragon is drawn as “Happoro Nirami” and is a mysterious picture that the dragon always keeps his eyes on you wherever you go.

Photo by こやまちひろ (Instagram: Chihiro_eyes_:
I’d really appreciate her support!! She has lots of good photos on her Instagram, please check it out!!!



Interesting but traditional drawing…
In addition, there is an interesting drawing themed Dharma, which is modeled after Bodhidharma who was a founder of Zen Buddhism. Whenever people face difficulty, stand up and carry on until you achieve our goal. It is traditionally being loved by many visitors.


This time, we have introduced Tenryu-Ji in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there to see beautiful Japanese garden. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature.


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