Kyoto #11: 宝厳院【Hogon-In】

Beautiful Green and Red
Hogon-In in Kyoto.

Hogon-in is part of Tenryuji, a world heritage site also located in Arashiyama, and is adjacent to Tenryuji. It is usually closed and can be visited only during the special visits during spring and autumn. Many visitors come to see the fresh green blue maple in spring and the autumn leaves in autumn.



Hogon-In attracts many tourists particularly as it is a scenic spot for cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. It is not only well known as one of the scenic spots for green and autumn leaves but also the breathtaking gardens and atmosphere!!!

Only Twice a Year…
Hogon-In is not a temple that can be visited at any time, and is open to the public only twice a year in spring and autumn. You can enjoy blue autumn leaves during special spring visits (mid-March to late June) and bright red leaves during autumn special visits (early October to early December).



What a great garden…
One of the highlights of Hogon-In is the Shishiku Garden. The richness of green autumn leaves and the colors of the autumn leaves, the sound of stream, the smell of the wind, the singing of the birds, and the beautiful Japanese garden work on our five senses and have long been a place of peace for people.

Shishiku Garden


Green Leaves in Summer…
Needless to say, the scenery of autumn leaves in autumn, which is said as the most beautiful garden in Arashiyama in Autumn, is one of the highlights here. In addition, green scenery in summer is also great!!

Green leaves scenery


Green Tunnel and Statues
In addition to the inside of the garden, the maple tunnel near the entrance to the entrance is beautiful. On the precinct of Hogon-In, statues of Arhat donated by companies and individuals from all over Japan are enshrined to create a mysterious atmosphere.

Green Leaves tunnel

Statues of Arhat


This time, we have introduced Hogon-In in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there in spring and autumn. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature.


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・ Open: 9:00-17:00

・Admission Fee: 500yen

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