Kyoto #7: 八坂神社【Yasaka-shrine】part2

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坂神社 【Yasaka-Shrine】 in Kyoto.

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I posted the previous one about the introduction of 八坂神社【Yasaka Shrine】, and this time I’ll show you more detail about 八坂神社【Yasaka Shrine】on 祇園祭り【Gion Festival】!!

io believe you’ll be surprised by the differences between the ordinary appearance and the special one on 祇園祭り【Gion Festival】.


祇園祭り【Gion Festival】

I’ll introduce 祇園祭り【Gion Festival】first of all, and then I’ll show you gorgeous photos!!

祇園祭り【Gion Festival】 is one of the three most celebrated festivals in Kyoto with a history of more than one thousand years, it’s recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage.
It’s held in whole July every year.


In addition, it is a festival which takes place over the entire month of July in Kyoto, which culminates in the procession of gorgeous 山鉾【yamahoko floats】 with decorative halberds parading through the main streets with the festival music called お囃子【Ohayashi】which is a Japanese traditional instrument.

The reason why it has that pike-like pole is that, in ancient times, people thought a pike had the power to absorb evil and they paraded along the streets with it. This was the beginning of 祇園祭り【Gion Festival】.


八坂神社【Yasaka Shrine】on Gion Festival

西楼門【Nishi-Romon Gate】is illuminated and looks so fabulous and mangificent!!
Than you walk thorugh it, you’ll see more mangificent things!!
I really want you to know how beautiful Japanese (Kyoto) culture is!!!

There are so many Japanese lanterns on 舞殿【Buden】.
That makes everything even more special!!!

【Nishi-Romon (Gate)】


【Honden: Main Hall】


【Buden (The right building)】
Can you find the gold thing on 舞殿【Buden】??
That’ cultural festival thing called お神輿【Mikoshi】.
お神輿【Mikoshi】 or portable shrine is a carriage for Gods. In the festival, Japanese people get around the Mikoshi and carry it on their shoulders in order to worship Gods.
A craftsman makes Mikoshi. It takes time. It is all made by hand and the skills of the craftsman.

That’s all about 八坂神社【Yasaka Shrine】
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