Kyoto #5: 平安神宮【Heian-Jingu】

All You Wanna See is Here
Heian-Jingu in Kyoto

Heian-Jingu Shrine has many highlights and has a garden that has been chosen as a scenic spot for the country. In addition, it has a large precinct, and the Japanese garden with its seasonal scenery are popular not only for Japanese but also for tourists from overseas.



Heian-Jingu shrine represents a part of the ancient capital of Kyoto. Heian-Jingu shrine was built to commemorate 1100th anniversary of the transfer of national capital to Heian-kyo which is the former name of Kyoto in 1895. It has been kept as a shrine in memory of the 50th Emperor.

Welcomed by Big Torii
This gigantic Torii Gate which characterized by its size and vivid vermilion color has been the major landmark. The height is 24.4m and it is designated as a Tangible cultural property in Japan. It looks so bigger than people expect. Your neck must be crushed.

Torii Gate

After you’ve passed through that Gate, you can see the big street forward to Heian shrine (main building).


Needless To Say, It’s The Best…
It is designated as an important cultural property, located on the north side of Torii Gate
Otenmon Gate is a two-storied gate with a continuous window and, like other shrines there, was built in 1890.
Go through the Otenmon gate and enter the precincts.

Finally, People’ll see the most beautiful and sophisticated scenery there!!! Everything looks like symmetric, so people feel like being in the perfect picture art. Needless to say, fantastic, awesome, interesting, cool.

Otenmon Gate


Must-see highlight…
Daigoku is a word that indicates the main body of the universe and the origin of all things. So that’s why the main shrine named from that word and  it means the palace where the Emperor comes and stays.


In addition, cherry blossom in the right side is planted on the right side of the front yard, and Tachibana in the left side is planted on the left side.

Right side
Left side

Daigokuten is about 30 meters in front, and there are Byakko tower and Seiryu tower on both sides, both of which are designated as important cultural properties.

Byakko tower is on the west side of Daigokuten.
Seiryu tower is on the west side of Daigokuten.
Both towers, the height is about 10 meters, and there are five towers in two layers.

The whole picture
Byakko tower


In Addition, Must-see Garden…
Heian-Jingu shrine has a large garden called Shinen gardenin the back of Daigokuten. This garden takes up about half of the whole ground there, and there are so many beautiful trees and flowers, especially it is also known for its beautiful Shidare Sakura means willowing Cherry in the spring season.


Be sure to look up the days that Shidare Sakure blooms before you visit!! Its beautiful Sakura always fascinates the visitors!! Of course, we can enjoy the garden even in the other seasons!! In summer, you’ll see the beautiful combination of buildings, green leaves trees, and pond. This is to say, you can enjoy whenever you visit!!

Garyo-kyo bridge

Taihekaku bridge

This time, we have introduced heir-Jingu in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there and see its beauty and magnificence. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature there.


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