Kyoto #4: 青蓮院門跡 【Shoren-In Monzeki】

The beauty of Blue
Shoren-In Monzeki in Kyoto

Kyoto has a bunch of historical shrines, historic sites, and cultural assets designated by the country. The Shoren-in Monument is a temple in Kyoto full of attractions, including buildings, gardens that are seasonally colored, and night illumination.


Shouren-In Monzeki

The site of Shoren-in Monzeki, which entire precinct is designated as a national historic site, is also one of Kyoto’s famous scenic spot, not only because there is a breathtaking garden and architecture and also because there are seasonal exhibitions and shows.


Welcome to visitors…
Look!! This camphor tree in front of the gate is 800 years old! This symbol tree is also used for filming movies, and has been photographed by many tourists. In addition, In front of the temple, there is a small but well-maintained Karesansui Garden.

The camphor tree

Karesansui Garden


The blue & beauty world…
First of all, 60 fusuma (Japanese slide door ) painting with lotus flowers on them come into your eyes. There are three kinds of blue on them, and really really cool illustrations. No two illustrations on them are the same. Don’t miss everything!!

Illustration on Fusuma


Unbelievable Guest Room…
Here this room is used as a guest room for a long time ago. People can’t see the Blue Illustrations but also stunning garden!! While sitting in a Japanese-style room with tatami floors, I was able to enjoy the garden slowly.

Garden from the room


A bunch of Highlights…
There are still many highlight there. Elegant buildings connected by corridors, and a strolling garden which has seasonal views and colors. These are also must-see spots there!!

Must-see spots


Night Time Visiting… 
People can see the night view below, if you visit Kyoto dring its exhibition and illumination. Be sure to look up what day and time this light up event is held. Don’t forget to research before and miss these stunning night views.

Night time photos

Blue light illumination


I’ll definitely see again this next time I visit Kyoto!! I hope you see this in person someday, and you want me to take you guys there, I’m willing to do it!!


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Shoren-In Monzeki

・ Open: 9:00 to 16:30

・Admission Fee: 500 yen (Adult)