Kyoto #51: 瑞峯院【Zuiho-In】

What an interesting Gardens
Zuiho-In in Kyoto

Zuiho-In is one of the small temple of Daitoku-Ji in Kyoto. Daitoku-Ji is famous for having 24 small templess on its vast grounds. But most of them are usually closed, so people can visit only 4 temples, Ryogen-In, Daisen-In, Koto-In, Zuiho-In. They all have great gardens and traditional things!!

Daitoku-Ji’s small temples



Zuiho-In is a temple you can visit all year round at the precinct of Daitoku-Ji. This Temple’s main hall includes two beautiful and unique Karesansui Garden “Dokuzatei” garden and “Kanmintei” garden. Each garden has each features and highlights, so it’s worth going and seeing these gardens to feel atmosphere of Japanese traditional gardens.

Welcomed by Cultural Gate and garden…
The front gate has not changed since its foundation and is designated as an Important Cultural Property. A cobblestone road leads to a beautifully maintained garden from the front gate to entrance. Looking back on the cobblestone, people can also see great whole picture of front garden.

Front Gate

Front Garden


What a Unique Gardens…
The taste of the two gardens is clearly different from those of “Dokuzatei” garden and “Kanmintei” garden. It is said that the presence of the two gardens makes the individuality of these stand out each other.

Dokuzatei Garden
On the south side of main hall, Dokazatei garden, a rock garden with beautiful rock gardens. Sand and rocks expresse the rough waves lapping against the rocks resembling mountain and the island. Sitting on the porch, it seems like feeling somewhat reluctant and the time passes slowly.

Dokuzatei Garden

Inside main hall next to Dokazatei garden


②“Kanmintei” garden.
On the north side of main hall, Kanmintei garden, different taste of a rock garden from Dokuzatei Garden. This is also a beautiful sand pattern. In addition, on the east side, there is a small garden with a lantern and a square rock. It is said that the most beautiful way to look at it with your back to this lantern.

Kanmintei garden

a lantern and a square rock.

Traditional Tea Room…
If you have matcha in this atmospheric tea room called “Anshoken”, it will be delicious. It is rare to be able to take photos of the tea room inside Kyoto, so let’s take some pictures there.

Tea room


This time, we have introduced Zuiho-In in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there and see its beauty and magnificence. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature there.


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・ Open: 9:00-17:00

・Admission Fee: 400 yen

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