Kyoto #50: 龍源院【Ryogen-In】

What an Awesome Gardens
Ryogen-In in Kyoto

Ryogen-In is one of the small temple of Daitoku-Ji in Kyoto. Daitoku-Ji is famous for having 24 small templess on its vast grounds. But most of them are usually closed, so people can visit only 4 temples, Ryogen-In, Daisen-In, Kohrin-In, Zuiho-In. They all have great gardens and traditional things!!

Daitoku-Ji’s small temples



Moss is arranged all over the grounds, and it is called “Rakuhoku Moss Temple” because of its beauty. It’s really awesome to be said that If people want to see the beautiful moss scenery, go to Ryogen-In. It’s open to the public and is the oldest tower in Daitoku-Ji, and has interesting and breathtaking gardens and things there.

A bunch of cultural properties…
The front gate of Ryugen-In and the main hall (Hojo) are designated as Important Cultural Properties. Right after entering the gate, the front garden of it is surrounded by greenery plants and some colorful flowers. The main hall looks so traditional kyoto-like architecture, so beautiful too!!

The gate

The entrance of the main hall


Breathtaking Sand and Moss gardens…
There are 4 beautiful and awesome gardens at just one place here. Each garden has each features and no two same gardens here are the same!! I’ll introduce each gardens one by one below and I believe these are really great from among a largenumber of gardens in Kyoto.

①Kodatei Garden
At the eaves of the Shoin which is study or lecture hall, there is a rock garden called Aun’s rock garden. It represents the inhalation and exhalation of breath, and this garden directly express the universal truth of invisible pairs: heaven and earth, yin and yang, men and women, and positive and negative electrical current. And there are two stones called Aun’s stone, and you can feel magnificent atmosphere.

Kodatei Garden

②Isshidan Garden
Isshindan garden is a unique Zen Buddhist Karesanui(Dry landscape) garden with all extraneous objects removed, and express the ideal world. Zen gardens visually express a world of enlightenment which can’t be depicted verbally.

Isshidan Garden

③Ryogintei garden
The lush moss represents the ocean and the stonework represents the land. The entire garden is covered with moss, adding a gentle color to the magnificent atmosphere of Zen Temple.

Ryogintei garden

④Totekiko Garden 
Said to be Japan’s smallest rock’s garden, it’s elegant and quite famous despite being extremely small. On the right side of the garden, there is a flat sheet of rock, and the circular wave designs represent falling drops of water. This garden expresses the preciousness of our drop, and the fact that one drop leads to a big sea.

Totekiko Garden


Cool Drawing and Historical things… 
In the room called Schuchu, a sliding door picture of a dragon and a wave is drawn. In the Zen sect, the dragon running in the sky is a guardian deity of Buddhism, and a symbol of rainfall, protecting buildings from fire. For this reason, this “dragon” is often drawn on the ceilings and sliding doors of the buildings of Zen temples. In addition, inside the main hall, the oldest Tanegashima gun in Japan was displayed.

Dragon Drwaings

The oldest Tanegashima gun


This time, we have introduced Ryogen-In in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there and see its beauty and magnificence. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature there.


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・ Open: 9:00-16:30

・Admission Fee: 350 yen

・Web site URL:大徳寺龍源院庭園/