Kyoto Food #8: 来隣【Riverside cafe Kirin】

Wonderful Vegetable Cafe
Cafe Kirin in Kyoto

The Ohara area is about an hour by bus from Kyoto Station. It is an area blessed with nature, lined with historical temples such as Sanzen-In, Jakko-In. There are restaurants and cafes in the quiet mountain village of Ohara where you can eat lunch made with locally grown vegetables. Here, we picked up the shops you want to visit. When you go to Ohara, please take a look.


Cafe surrounded by nature

Kyoto/Ohara is a mountain village of Kyoto rich in nature cultivated in history. Let’s come to Ohara where time flows slowly and people can experience a wide variety things, such as see, eat, and atmosphere.

Ohara scenery


Traditional Japanese-style cafe

The interior of the store, which renovated an old private house, has a relaxing atmosphere. Lunch is popular, and it sometimes has a long line to wait in front of cafe on holidays.

Outside appearance

Inside appearance


Kyoto Vege Meals

The popular “Sato no Meguri Onigiri Lunch” and “Seasonal Special Lunch” include an “Obanzai” which means Kyoto cuisine and salad buffet.  Obanzai using Ohara vegetables and colorful salads are lined up all the time people visit there.

They have great policy that they attache more importance to local consumption of what is produced locally in Ohara, Kyoto even not only for ingredients but also water. Ohara’s vegetables are the finest in color, fragrance, ingredients and taste.

Sato no Meguri Onigiri Lunch
People can choose what they wanna eat from among 8~10 kinds go riceballs. All of them are really tasty and awesome!!

Food samples pf Onigiri(Riceball)


Seasonal special “Curry” Lunch


Obanzai using Ohara vegetables


Dessert “Awabi Mochi and Ice cream”



Don’t that look so delicious??-It is!!! If you were getting tired of eating Kyoto traditional cuisine, you should try cafe Kirin. I believe you’ll be satisfied with everything!!


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・ Open: 11:30-16:30 (Regular holiday: Tuesday)

・Tell: 075-744-2239