Kyoto #49: 六波羅蜜寺【Rokuharamitsu-Ji】

What a colorful temple
Rokuharamitsu-Ji in Kyoto

Recently, Rokuharamitsu-ji Temple has become known as a spiritual spot to bring visitors luck. People can see the main hall which is registered as an Important Cultural Properties, and valuable architecture and treasures there.



Rokuharamitsu-Ji has long and interesting history and its vermilion colored sculptures on this temple. And also It’s getting famous and popular not only because of its history but also because there are “Ichigan-seki” that make your wish come true and special hand-written fortunes.

One of The Seven Gods…
Here at Rokuharamitsu-Ji enshrines one of the Seven Lucky Gods, Bezai-ten who Goddess of Music, Beauty, Eloquence, Literature, Art. Since the old days, they have been believed in as gods that keep off calamity and bring good luck.

The shrine of Bezai-ten


What a Gorgeous Temple…
The main hall of Rokuharamitsu-ji Temple, whose vermilion is very vivid and stands out from far. When  looking at the pillars, people can see colorful painting-like designs, like dragons. It is a very precious thing that this main hall is still the original one built in1363.

Main temple


Make Your Wish Come Ture…
There is a stone pillar written as Rokuharamitsu-ji Temple in front of the entrance gate, with a stone that can be turned around. In addition, few Sanskrit characters are written on the stone, and some of them are written in gold. Turn it three times forward while praying your wish!!



Attractive Statues…
Many Buddha statues represent the sitting position, but this highlight statue is also very unusual in that it is a walking statue. In addition, it is known for having six Buddha statues through his mouth. No two statues are the same!!

Kuya, standing statue


Zeniarai-benten is one of the Bententen that is said to benefit fortune and performing arts. In front of Benzaiten, there is water and a small peg, so put your coins in the peg and wash it. Put your washed coins in your own talisman and benefit them.



This time, we have introduced Rokuharamitsu-Ji in Kyoto. It’s located at the center of Kyoto, so I recommend you to visit and see them above next time in Kyoto.  I hope you enjoy there as much as I did


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