Adventure #2: 別子銅山【Besshi Copper Mine】

Wonderful Adventure 
Besshi Copper Mine in Ehime

Besshi Copper Mine in Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture. The industrial heritage that sleeps quietly in the deep mountains is like an ancient archeological site and is called “Oriental Machu Picchu”. You can not only enjoy there so much but also learn the history!!


Besshi Copper Mine

The main sightseeing route of the Besshi Copper Mine is to visit Minetopia Besshi’s Hadaba Area and Tonaru Area, which open the mine site as a tourist facility. The vast site of about 60,000m2 includes Main facility, a sightseeing tunnel to learn the history of the copper mine, and facilities for experiencing gold panning and copperwork.

In the nature…
The main facility called Minetopia Besshi is located in the mountains, so people can see unbelievably beautiful nature!! That makes people feel relaxed and relieved so much!! Inside this facility, you can see a wide variety of historical things and get many souvenirs inside.

Minetopia Besshi

Beautiful souvenior


Let’s go to Hadeba Area…
People will ride the mining railway to the tourist tunnel. It’s just 3 minutes riding, but it’s interesting and exciting!! In addition, the train looks so classic and steam railway, it’s worth riding this!! The two stations names are ‘Good Luck station’ and ‘Lucky station’ !!

The rail way

Good Luck Station
Lucky Station

Surrounded by stunning nature


Welcome to the great tunnel…
The sightseeing tunnel is a tunnel using the old gunpowder warehouse at Besshi Copper Mine. In addition to the “Edo Zone”, which reproduces the Edo period, the “Modern Zone” where you can learn about the modern history of the Besshi Copper Mine, you can experience the 1,000 meter underground and miner’s experience at the interactive playground.

The Entrance

The real dolls reproduces the Edo period


Let’s go to Oriental Machu Picchu…
It is located in the mountains at an altitude of about 750 m, where the mining headquarters of the Besshi Copper Mine was once located. I want people visit and see what a magnificent view from there!! Super Super Great!!!

Tonaru Area


This time, we have introduced Besshi Copper Mine in Ehime. In Japan, you should go and see both in popular touristy places and minor beautiful places!!


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