Adventure #1: 下灘駅【Shimonada station】

What a stunning seaside station
Shimonada station in Ehime

Have you ever seen an amazing view that you feel like staying there all day long?? The station I’ll introduce here make you feel like that. It’s a bit far from Tokyo or Osaka, and this big cities but I believe it’s worth visiting and seeing once in your life!!


Shimonada station

Shimonada Station is one of the stations on the Yosan Line running on the sea side of Ehime Prefecture. Although it is a small station and there are no tourist facilities around, there is no end to the number of people who visit there.

Sea, Road, Station…
This station was once referred to as “the station closest to the sea in Japan.” At that time, waves were splashing and splashing just below the platform. It’s a countryside with nothing, but there are only a few stations in Japan that are so picturesque.

Sea, Road, Station


What a magnificent view…
The platform at the station offers a wide view of the Seto Inland Sea, and the platform with the background of the sea is very photogenic like a beautiful picture. In addition, you can see a wide variety of views here from the early in the morning to Sunset.

The day time


The sunset time

Is it the world of Spirited Away???
When you sit on the bench on the platform, the beautiful sea of Iyo-nada spreads out in front of you, and a pleasant breeze blows through. This is the scenery of the railroad that leads to the sea of a train running in the sea that appeared in the Ghibli animation “Spirited Away“.

The day time


Don’t miss the special trains…
On this Yosan line, a two-car train called “Iyonada Monogatari” is running. It consists of two vehicles that one is golden and the other is red, the color is different one by one. And it looks so fancy and awesome fits with the atmosphere of sunset.

Iyonada Monogatari at sunset


Flowers around the station…
Around this station, people also can see lots of beautifully seasonal flowers. These makes this station more sweet and magnificent!!

Colorful flowers


This time, we have introduced Shimonada Station in Ehime. In Japan, you should go and see both in popular touristy places and minor beautiful places!!


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