Kyoto #48: 月桂冠大倉記念館【Gekkeikan Sake Museum】

The gorgeous and mysterious 
Gekkeikan Sake Museum in Kyoto

If you’re interested in Japanese sake, you should definitely go here at this sake museum!! People can’t only get to know the history and the manufacturing process but also try some sake tasting there. The gift shop also sells sake that you can only get here and is a perfect spot for souvenir selection.


Gekkeikan Sake Museum

Gekkeikan is one of the famous and popular sake brands in Japan. The exhibits are arranged according to the sake brewing process, making it very easy to understand what tools are used and how they are made.

Already Smell Like Alcohol…
As soon as you enter the memorial, you will feel the traditional Japanese atmosphere. The dirt floor and the half-timbered ceiling on the left. It creates calm air and coziness. Just 400 yen admission fee with souvenir of small sake, and tasting! It was a Museum tour full of great value!!

The entrance

The Ticket and tasting glass


Wonderful Exhibition for tools…
In the exhibition room, tools used in old sake brewing are displayed and commentary along the sake brewing process.Unique paintings depicting huge barrels, polished rice and sake brewing. Lots of interesting content. And all with English make tourists understand with ease!!

Many tools used for Sake


Explanation with English


In the other exhibition room, materials related to the history of laurel wreath and valuable old works are displayed.

The Exhibition of old type sake


Tasting Time…
After walk back from two exhibitions, it’s time to start tasting three types of sake!! Those sake, especially Daiginjo, are very easy to drink and delicious even for people who don’t usually drink alcohol. All has different taste, so please check them out and you choose the best one!!

Tating time

①Retro Bottle Ginjo Sake

②Tama no Izumi Daiginjo

③Plum Wine


Sake Gift Shop…
The amazing things are not only the number of Sake they sell but also the craftmans at the gift shop. I’m impressed by them who gave me detail explanation when I was wondering which sake is the best as souvenirs. They always give us explanations of each difference and characteristics.

A wide variety of Sake gift


This time, we have introduced Gekkeikan Sake Museum in Kyoto. You’ll be a big fun of Sake once you visit there!! I hope you enjoy there as much as I do.


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・ Open: 9:30-16:30

・Admission Fee: 300

・Web site URL: