Kyoto Food #2: 錦市場【Nishiki Market】Part2

Awesome Food Market!!
Nishiki Market in Kyoto

錦市場【Nishiki Market】is one of the famous and popular places for Lunch and Dinner!! Nishiki Market, known as the “Kyoto Kitchen”, is a grocery-centric shopping street that has been around since the Edo period, and there are currently about 130 shops in the area. It is crowded with customers.

This is the Second part of Nishiki Market, and I’ll introduce my recommended shops from among a number of shops there. Check it out!!



There is a wide variety of Japanese pickles inside and outside!! “Uchida” was founded in 1940. We have been making pickles that are particular about the quality of the vegetables. An elegant taste that takes advantage of the taste of the ingredients has addicted  many people.

There are plenty of pickles using seasonal vegetables, and seasonal products are also available. One of the reasons why it is popular is that you can check with your tongue for a souvenir that you can agree with.


When I go to Kyoto, I definitely come to Nishiki Market, especially Kyotanba at Nishiki Market Main Store is a must-visit place. People can’t only get Roast Maron called ‘Yaki Pon’, but also a wide variety of dried fruits!! This is really really delicious and good texture!!
Roasted Aaron and craftman
Unbeliebable Tasty Dried Fruits
京のおまめはん【Kyo no Omamehan】
A specialty store that offers a wide variety of flavored sweets. The specialty products are roasted beans, rolled up the dough, and then wrapped with flour or sauce. Colorful bean confections with various colors and flavors are Instagrammy. It’s perfect as a souvenir for your family and friends!!
Kyo no Omamehan
How to make your own cups!!
①Pour the beans into the cup yourself
②You can match filled with your favorite flavor
③You bring the cup to register
Many Many Many Flavoes

Nishiki Market has a strong impact on our memories of the journey. In addition to the above four stores, there are so many stores and restaurants and so on. So you’ll never bother you there!!


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