Kyoto Food #7: 紙屋【Italian Kamiya cafe】

Kyoto Italian
Italian Kamiya cafe in Kyoto

Don’y you try Italian food in Kyoto?? This is the great Italian restaurant in Kyoto. There is a wide variety of Pasta and side dishes. At this time, I’ll introduce the onside and special Pasta in the lunch menu.


Kamiya cafe, fashionable!!

It looks typical Italian restaurant, so you can find it with ease. In this restaurant, there is a tale for 4 or 5 people and counter table for 7 people. Honestly, it’s not big restaurant but people can communicate with friendly ownwer there.




You can see them cooking in front of you while nice talking with them!! This will make you feel at home and comfortable!!

Cooking time


Needless to say, Delicious!!

I ordered the pescatore meal set(A lunch: 1,600 yen), which is a Pasta with tomato and seafoods. Salad, Pasta, everything was really great and the balance of taste was impressive!! I’d like to come back here and try the other food. It’ worth going and eat again, but a bit expensive though.


Bread, Japanese potato salad, soup, salad



Don’t that look so delicious??-It is!!! If you were getting tired of eating Japanese food, you should try Italian at here kamiya cafe. I believe you’ll be satisfied with everything!!


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・ Open: 11:00-22:00 (Regular holiday: second and third Wednesday every month)

・Tell: 075-462-4477