Kyoto Food #6: 粟餅所 澤屋【Awamochi Sawaya】

Japanese Mochi Cafe
Awamochi Sawaya in Kyoto

This Kyoto Japanese sweet originally was born through eternal history and culture. Delicious Japanese sweets such as Mochi, Sweet bun and Daifuku are perfect for your trip. This time, we will introduce “Awamochi Sawaya”, a specialty of Awamochi, which has a soft and soft texture. The expiration date is on the day, so try it for local gourmet and souvenirs!


Looks like House…

Awamochi・Sawaya is founded more than 330 years ago, which is located in front of Kitano Tenman-gu(Check here: So It’s really convenient to stop by before or after visiting Kitano.




Finally, coming…

This speciality is the rice cake made from millet, called ‘Awamochi’. The color is yellow like millet, and the texture is characterized with the unique balance of the roughness of the millet and viscosity of the glutinous rice. Awamochi is available in two types: wrapped in koshi bean paste and dusted with kinako.


The manus(For there)
Two choice to order, the difference is the number of mochi.

The craftsman makes Awamochi for each order, so you can enjoy the fresh taste. They are always friendly and smiling even though it would be jam-packed with customers there.

Looks like live-cooking show


For Here or To Go?

A take-away millet is available from 650 yen for 5 pieces. You can order the number of each Awamochi as you like. The expiration date is on the same day, but if you can meet friends and family on the same day, you want to make a souvenir.

To Go Menu

5 mochi/650 yen
10 mochi/1,300 yen
15 mochi/1,950 yen


“Awamochi” has a simple flavor inherited from the Edo period. Kyoto is a long-established cafe here at Sawaya that has been in business for more than 330 years. Let’s give it a shot next time!!


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・ Open: 9:00-17:00 (Regular holiday Thursday, every month 26th)

・Tell: 075-461-4517