Kyoto #46: 六角堂【Rokkaku-do】

The special temple in the central Kyoto city
Rokkaku-do temple in Kyoto

Rokukaku-do is a temple that stands quietly in the center of Kyoto, surrounded by tall buildings. And also Starbucks is next to it, so you can see there while drinking coffee at Starbucks. It’s interesting, isn’t it?? The contrast between modern and traditional things at the same place.

I’ll introduce Rokkaku-do, which is well known to those who know it!!



The official name is Shiunzan Sanchoho-Ji Temple. Viewed from directly above the main hall, the roof has a hexagonal shape, and it is now called “Rokkaku-do”. It is said that every human has six senses below,
Eye (sight)
Ear (hearing)
Nose (smell)
Tongue (taste)
Body (tactile)
Intention (consciousness)

and then suffering, greed and anguish, those kind of evil things come from them. That’s why these six things are really important for us and people have enshrine Rokkaku, which expresses them in it.

Then let’s go and enjoy it!!

The entrance gate


Many many hexagon “Rokkaku”…
There are other hexagonal shapes on the grounds besides the main hall of the hexagonal temple, so be sure to look for it. The represented thing is “Heso stone”, which is famous and said that it is the literally the center of Kyoto.

Hexagonal things

Heso stone


Admirable Architecture…
Everything is gorgeous and beautiful. There are not only traditional things and interesting willow which brings you good relationship. Don’t miss everything there and look carefully.


Cute Jizo make your wish come true…???
Hitokoto Negai Jizo, it seems like Jizo is wondering, would you like to grant the wish of the person who came to visit?, What should I do? or something like that. Whether or not you can fulfill your wish depends on you. Let’s ask only one without greed.

Hitokoto Negai Jizo


16 Jizos +the others…
At the precinct of Rokkaku-do, there are some Jizo beside Hitokoto Negai Jizo, called Rakan.

16 Rakan

The other Jizos


This time, we have introduced Rokkaku-do in Kyoto. It’s a bit smaller than the other temples and shrines but there are so many attractive and interesting things. So I hope you enjoy there as much as I did



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・Admission Fee: Free

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