Kyoto #45: 圓光寺【Enko-Ji】

The sophisticated gardens and peaceful temple
Enko-Ji temple in Kyoto

Enko-Ji in Rakuhoku, Kyoto, was a famous spot for colored leaves, but in recent years the number of tourists is increasing rapidly! It is said that the fallen leaves, which are called scattered maple and floor maple, are beautiful, and there are many people who visit after they scatter.

In addition, they have stunning sceneries in other seasons. I’ll introduce it, which is so popular, along with pictures of beautiful Enko-Ji.


Enko-Ji temple

Enko-Ji is known for its gardens with beautiful autumn leaves and is a temple of the Rinzai sect Nanzanji school in Rakuhoku, Kyoto. The Japanese garden there is full of seasonal flowers and its beauty is popular with tourists. The cherry blossoms in spring, the autumn leaves in autumn, the colorful fallen leaves and the mossy ground, and the gardens, which show various expressions, are places you want to visit more than once.

Then let’s go and enjoy it!!

The entrance gate


Welcomed by Japanese rock garden…
First of all, you passed through the gate there and you’ll find Kare Sansui, which is means Japanese traditional rock garden, called “Honryutei garden”. The stone pillar in the rock garden seems to express a dragon. The contrast between sand, trees and the stone garden is stunning.

Honryutei garden

Whole picture of stone dragon

The head of stone dragon


What a beautiful garden…
The main garden named “Jugyu no Niwa” is known for having the oldest pond in Rakuhoku, Kyoto. To enjoy the fall foliage in this garden, sit on the red rug and enjoy views from inside. Many people enjoy the garden with the pillars of the eaves as picture frames, and there are also places where picture frames are open for photography.

Jugyu no Niwa


From inside building


Japanese Modern picture…
Finally, it is a picture of a sliding door of Hojo.
“Four Seasons Flowers ” Akio Watanabe

Four Seasons Flowers


This time, we have introduced Enko-Ji in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto you should visit there regardless of season. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature.


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