Kyoto #44: 詩仙堂【Shisen-do】

The breathtaking garden and architecture 
Shisen-do in Kyoto

There are so many beautiful gardens in Kyoto, for instance, Heian Jingu, Tofuku-Ji, Nanzen-Ji and so on. Among those famous gardens, Shisendo has the one of the most beautiful garden in Kyoto. Once you visit there, you’re addicted to it and feel like staying there for a while.

Most tourists I’ve met in Kyoto doesn’t know there and its beauty, so I’ll introduce Shisendo, which is well known to those who know it!!



Shisen-do is a mountain cottage built by Jozan Ishikawa who was also familiar with Confucianism, tea ceremony, calligraphy, and sencha, as well as Chinese poetry. For that reason, many literatures and precious book works are left in Shisendo.

Then let’s go and enjoy it!!

The entrance gate


Needless to say…beautiful…
The garden, which was built by Jozan, is a very beautiful Japanese garden. You can enjoy there from inside and outside as well, so I recommend that you spend relaxing time inside, and then you should go outside and walk and see its garden. Outside atomsphere is completely different from inside, it also has a really good vibe.

Outside appearance


A view is worth thousand words…
The view from the open room with a sense of openness offers beautiful views of the seasons. It is recommended not only for the season of autumn leaves but also for the season of fresh greenery, as a comfortable breeze passes so that you don’t need any fan or air conditioning is required. In the snowy season, you can see a tasteful white world surrounded by tranquility.

The inside views

The outside views


Enjoy while walking…
In the garden, there is a Shishi-Odoshi, which was first made in Japan. The original purpose of it is to prevent the invasion of wild deer and wild boar. In addition, the sound of it, which reverberates occasionally, is a healing BGM for modern people and it also plays a role in making the scenery full of Japanese atmosphere even more beautiful.



This time, we have introduced Shisendo in Kyoto. When you’re a little tired while you’re walking in Kyoto… why don’t you visit there to be relaxed?


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