Kyoto #43: 狸谷不動院【Tanukidani Fudoin】

The magnificent and interesting place 
Tanukidani Fudoin in Kyoto

Do you wanna see magnificent and traditional architecture on the top of mountain?? Tanukudani Fudoin is located at Ichizyoji area, where has other attractive places around there. It is a little bit inconvenient place away from the downtown area of Gion and Shijo, but you can see a scene which remind you of Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Fushimi Inari Shrine.

Do you know what I mean?? Then I’ll introduce Tanukidani Fudoin, which is well known to those who know it!!


Tanukidani fudoin

I think I need to start by telling you a little bit about the name of it before going any further. The word 狸(Tanuki), which means Japanese raccoon, is included in its name, so it has created such connection with Tanuki as their magical animals. Then you can see so many Tanuki figures there.

To be honest, it is said that it’s a bit hard to get to the main temple because there are 250 steps of stairs. When you finally reach the highest spot you can see a nice whole view of the Kyoto city.

Then let’s go and enjoy it!!

Looks like Fushimi Inari Taisha…???
As soon as you start climbing the 250 stone steps, people are welcomed by a bunchi of tanuki figures at the gate and a row of Red Tori Gates. Then you finally understand here remind you of the thousand trio gate at Fushimi Inari Taisha even though the number of trio is lesser than Fushimi. It’s really interesting, isn’t it??

Row of Red Tori Gates

On the way…
If you are greeted by many raccoons, you have to climb 250 steps from here. It’s like training, but the raccoons will tell you the number of stages.

Raccoon figures

If you climb the stairs to 206 steps, you finally find the super great temple!!

The stairs to 206 steps

I’m wondering if you would think that it perhaps looks like something like…Kiyomizu-dera temple. That should be it, it is built with the same construction method as Kiyomizu.

Main temple looking like Kiyomizu-dera temple

Then you climb up to the top through 250 steps, you finally get to the main temple. It looks so magnificent and stunning!!! And also you’ll see the beautiful view of the west Kyoto city from there.

Main temple(Tanukidani Fudoin)

View from the top

In addition…
Then you have still 44 steps to the top, on the way, you can also find interesting things!! Here Tanukidani Fudoin is also a land related to Miyamoto Musashi, and there is a small small waterfall that is said to have honed Musashi’s sword.

44 steps to the top

A small small waterfall that is said to have honed Musashi’s sword


Here has so many attractions, like a bunch of raccoon figures and things which remind us of Fushimi and Kiyomizu, Musashi Miyamoto and so on. You have to climb the hill and 250 steps before you can reach it, but please go there.

250/250 steps!!!



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