Kyoto Food #4: 一乗寺 中谷【Ichijyoji Nakatani】

Traditional Japanese sweets shop
Ichijyoji Nakatani in Kyoto

Ichijyoji is one of the traditional area, which has many temples and shrines around there. But its a little bit far from the central Kyoto, so it’s really quite and magnificent place that you can enjoy walking peacefully. In addition to them, there are traditional restaurants and sweets shops that have long history.

Here, I’ll tell you the most favorite sweets shops in Ichizyoji area. And you can go there after you visit Shisendo temple and Enkoji, which have incredibly beautiful gardens. So you should make a plan to visit them including Ichijyoji Nakatani.

Anyway, I’ll introduce the highlights and my recommended sweets.

Traditional appearance

The outside appearance looks like Japanese-old style house, teahouse or something. You can be relaxed there and take a break inside while eating something.

The outside appearance

When you go inside the shop, you can see the many Japanese sweets in the showcase and souvenir in front of showcase. Do they look so delicious, don’t they?? – It is!!!

The inside appearance


Only Here, Traditional Meal

As I explain here above, it’s traditional sweets shop but you can get the delicious seasonal meal, which consists of 5 dishes including white miso zoni (with round rice cake), red rice, obanzai, sesame tofu, like below.

Of course, all are delicious, especially I really really like “white miso zoni” that you can eat only here!! The Kyoto white miso soup is mellow and tasty, and that makes you feel relieved so much. This is the most recommended one!!!

Traditional seasonal meal
・Lower right:miso zoni
・Lower left:red rice
・Upper right:sesame tofu
・others:Tsukudani(food boiled in soy sauce)


Long-History sweet “Decchi Yokan” 

Yokan means a sweetened and jellied azuki-bean paste. This is Japanese traditional sweet food but it’s a bit different from typical one. The size and thickness is the best for everyone and texture is a bit harder than normal one. The combination between this and Green tea goes well together. Let’s try this by yourself!!

Decchi Yokan&Green tea

And you can buy this as a souvenir there!! But be careful it has a short expiration date!!

Sophisticated sweet “Nakatani Sundae” 

You can not only enjoy traditional meal and sweet like above but also sophisticated sweet “Sundae”. It has a wide variety of things in it, so you feel so many texture and flavorful while you’re eating this!!

Nakatani Sundae

Don’t you feel hungry and wanna eat them? I hope you’ll enjoy everything as much as I did!!   If you have any questions and favor, please let me know here or twitter or IG. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!! Thank you for reading !!!!


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