Kyoto #41: 北野天満宮【Kitano Tenmangu】Part2

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Kitano Tenman-gu in Kyoto.


I’m really really addicted to Japanese Sword. This is the most beautiful weapon among all of the weapon. The shape, brightness, sharpness. Everything is wonderful. I’ll be glad and happy that you understand how great they are.

Treasure House

You can only see swords owned by Kitano Tenmangu Shrine at a special exhibition. At this special exhibition, half of the 80 sacred swords owned by Kitano Tenmangu Shrine will be unveiled. Most of them were unveiled for the first time.

About 40 treasures, including five important cultural properties such as 鬼切丸 which has another name 髭切, and also 恒次, 助守, 師光, 国広, etc. are masterpieces, and in addition to the sword and sheath, a decorated wooden box is also attached, making it an impressive piece of history and art.

I’ll show you some of them!! All swords are so attractive and cool!!!

Onikirimaru which has another name 髭切【Higekiri】. The origin of the name Higekiri comes from the legend that when the trial of a sinner was cut off, the samurai was also cut.

Tsunetsugu is called officially called  数珠丸恒次【Juzumaru Tsunetsugu】 This is one of the famous Japanese swords that is counted as one of 天下五剣 【The Best five swords】

When Emperor looked down on the lower world from the southern shrine of Heiankyo for very long time ago, a huge crow came down from the sky, saying, “I am a member of Ise Shrine,” and flew away with a single sword from the wings. So that’s why this is named from 烏【Crow】.

巴形薙刀【Tomoegata Naginata】
This is a kind of Japanese sword but not typical Japanese Sword. Tomoegata Naginata is a long-handled weapon that can be used to slash enemies. For this reason, it has a wider width, a stronger warp, and a longer handle.

Tachi means a typical Japanese sword.

Wakizashi refers to spare weapons used when the main weapon cannot be used due to damage.

Tanto means a short sword. This is used with a Japanese long sword!!


Kitano Tenman-gu is one of the famous and popular not only because its beauty but also because there are so many events through a year!! Don’t miss them!!


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・ Open: Special Exhibition

・Admission Fee: 800yen(Adult)

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