Kyoto Food #3: koé donuts kyoto

Wonderful Donuts Factory and Store
koé donuts Kyoto in Kyoto

People can get a wide variety of donuts at koé donuts, and all of them is made from organic ingredients, which are all made in Kyoto. In koé donuts, they develop and cook donuts by selecting ingredients following three keywords,  “organic” “natural origin” “local production for local consumption”

In addition, you can enjoy seeing the process to cook from the flower powder to finish. And interiors and furniture are so sophisticated that people are addicted to not only donuts but the shop itself.

Anyway, I’ll introduce the highlights and my recommended donuts.


Cutting-edge interiors

koé donuts is located at 新京極【Shinkyogoku】area, which is near the Nishiki market and Gion Shijo. In the middle of Kyoto, if you go up the Shijo Kawaramachi intersection slightly to the west and Shinkyogokudori to the north, you’ll find koé donuts, which has storefront fronted with glass.


After you’ve stepped into it, suddenly,  a wonderful space is spreading! These are many baskets made from Arashiyama bamboo. In addition, they sell some original collaboration goods like mags, T-shirt, cap and so on.

The interiors

Cooking time

The collaboration goods


Beautiful donuts

What a colorful donuts!!

They basically offer a low-calorie, organic Japanese-like “ethical donut” that overturns the conventional high-calorie and heavy image. Not only that, in order to enhance the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves, we also stick to simple cooking methods, and as much as possible.


There are not only many flavors but also delicious drinks as well!! They never bother you and makes you feel happy and satisfied so much!!


My recommended donuts

My recommended one is Pink Strawbwrry.
Doesn’t that look tasty?? Of course, it is!!!

It tastes so rich and a bit sour of strawberry and very airy and crispy so it’s not too heavy. It’s a perfect balance of flavors. I believe that it would be really good with coffee as well. Let’s try them!!

Don’t you feel hungry and wanna eat them? I hope you’ll enjoy everything as much as I did!!   If you have any questions and favor, please let me know here or twitter or IG. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!! Thank you for reading !!!!


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・ Open: 8:00-20:00

・Tell: 075-748-1162