Kyoto Food #2: 錦市場【Nishiki Market】

Awesome Food Market!!
Nishiki Market in Kyoto

錦市場【Nishiki Market】is one of the famous and popular places for Lunch and Dinner!! Nishiki Market, known as the “Kyoto Kitchen”, is a grocery-centric shopping street that has been around since the Edo period, and there are currently about 130 shops in the area. It is crowded with customers.

The Nishiki Market has not only fresh vegetables and fish but also a lot of food to eat and walk. Among the many gourmet restaurants in Nishiki Market, I’ll carefully select the famous and popular specialties and those that make you feel like Kyoto and introduce them.


Here, you can get unbelievable long-shrimp tempura Skewer. I think this is the most delicious and interesting food in Nishiki Ichiba. In addition, you get the Japanese traditional BreakFast at cheap price.


Here, you can get interesting food like the octopus, squid with children, and even skewers of scallops! It looks a bit weird but quite delicious and photogenic items such as Nishiki!!!! And they kinda do a performance there!!



The most popular place in the Nishiki market is the “Uoriki” grilled fish shop! Speaking of Kyoto’s ingredients, 鱧【Conger Eel】. Many people gathered in search of such a gourmet. When you eat a bite of Grilled Conger eel, the sea bream is fluffy and the surface is crispy, so delicious!


Nishiki Market has a strong impact on our memories of the journey. In addition to the above four stores, there are so many stores and restaurants and so on. So you’ll never bother you there!!


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