Kyoto #37: 鞍馬寺【Kurama Temple】Part3

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貴船神社へ!【Go to Kifune Area】~From Kurama to Kifune~

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Have you enjoyed the previous one?? If you’ve not seen and checked it, you should go Part1, Part2 first and then read this!! I posted the previous one about the introduction of 鞍馬山【Kurama Mountain】,  鞍馬寺【Kurama-Dera Temple】and this time I’ll show you the way to Kifune from Kurama temple.


It’s said that mountain climbing around Mt. Kurama and Kifune Shrine is generally a route for beginners. In addition, since Mt. Kurama is walking on the hiking trail, there are not many differences in elevation and difficulty in walking.

Bur I always feel like so long-long around there though lol. I think it’a all up to you. If you like outside activity and running and so on, you feel like it’s easy. If not, it’s a bit hard and tough. Anyway, you should visit and walk around there!! Whatever, it’ll be definitely worth it!!


貴船神社へ!【Enjoy Hiking】

Mt. Kurama is also a sightseeing spot, but you must bring hiking shoes and other equipment to go from Kurama Temple to Kifune Shrine. Mt. Kurama is famous for its autumn leaves, and if you go this route during the autumn leaves season, you can also enjoy the autumn leaves in the mountains that you can’t taste simply by sightseeing.


This route is unsatisfactory for those who have experienced mountain climbing, but it can be said that beginners can fully enjoy the fun of mountaineering.

In addition,  there is not only the main temple but also 奥の院【Oku-no-In Temple】more 800m away. But if you wanna visit it you should walk in the mountain again… It’s all up to you, whether or not you proceed to it!! You’ll definitely enjoy walking because there are many must-see places on the way to it but tough and hard to get there though.

A place that is said that Tengu have met Ushiwakamaru, who was born as the ninth son of Minamoto no Yoshitune, the head of the Minamoto clan. There is also a “six-pointed star” here, which is a apiritual spot, where brings Good Luck to you.

木の根道【Kinone Michi】
In this area, the bedrock is close to the surface of the ground, so the roots of the tree cannot penetrate deep into the ground, and the roots of the cedar are exposed on the ground. There is a legend here that Ushiwakamaru practiced jumping. Do not step on the root of the tree as it will damage the tree.

奥の院 閻魔堂【Enma-do】
It seems to have been worshiped as the place where the gods descended.
This is the place that 護法魔王尊【 Sanat Kumāra】came down to Earth from Venus.

Then you’ve passed throught Enma-do and walked for 30 minutes, you can finally get to Kifune area. At last, you walk through the Nishi-mon gate, you get into Kifune wonderful world.

That’s all about 鞍馬寺【Kurama Temple】. How did you like it so far?? Are you satisfied ??? If you have any question and favor, please let me know here or twitter or IG.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!! Thank you for reading !!!!


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