Kyoto #37: 鞍馬寺【Kurama Temple】Part2

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鞍馬寺【Kurama Temple】~History&Buildings~

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Have you enjoyed the previous one?? If you’ve not seen and checked it, you should go Part1 first and then read this!! I posted the previous one about the introduction of 鞍馬山【Kurama Mountain】, and this time I’ll show you more detail about 鞍馬寺【Kurama-Dera Temple】

On the part1, I already introduced its approach toward 鞍馬寺【Kurama-Dera Temple】. The experience that you’ve come and walked through a long-hard-tough way to get there would make your memories more fun and unforgettable than you expected!!

Then finally I’ll let you know the main temple and its history!! Now it’s time to start!!


鞍馬寺【Kurama Temple】

鞍馬寺【Kurama Temple】 is the precinct of Mt. Kurama. It is said that Mt. Kurama is the place where 護法魔王尊【 Sanat Kumāra】, who was the first leader of Tengu, fell from Venus in the meantime 650 million years ago.

The precinct of Kurama Temple is full of the power of the invisible universe! The energy itself that is full of Mt. Kurama is an exaggerated story, but why don’t you take time to visit Kurama temple!! In front of the main temple, where you arrive a little sweaty because of a long climbing way, the best viewpoint overlooking mountains around there!

The stone floor spreading in front of the main building is the strongest spiritual spot, 金剛床【Kongosho】. Many people who visit here to see it because it’s said that your wishes will come true when you stand in the center of the six-pointed star and spread your hands and look up at the sky! Whether you believe or not, give it a shot!!!

尊天【Sonten】 taught by Kurama temple refers to the great spirits of the universe, and of course, the sun is also a deity. What you can see, what you can’t see, what you feel, what you can’t feel, and everything in the world is Sonten.

In Kurama temple are enshrined inside of 本堂【Hondo】.
①The sun spirit is 光【Light】, and 毘沙門天【Bishamonten】
②The spirit of the moon ring is 愛【Love】,  and 千手観音菩薩【Senju Kan’non Bosatsu】
③The spirit owner of the earth is 力【power】, and 護法魔王尊【 Sanat Kumāra】

I don’t have enough time to introduce 教え【Teaching】of Kurama temple, so I have no choice but to omit it…


View from the precinct.


If you go down from there, you should head to Kifune Shrine. When I got there at around 11:00, but it was already full of people who enjoyed lunch on the 川床【Kawadoko】. If you try to climb Mt. Kurama easily from here, you will need to be careful because it is extremely difficult because of the steep climb.


I’ll introduce the way to Kufune from Kurama temple on the next post!! Please go proceed from the below link.

That’s all about 鞍馬寺【Kurama Temple】. How did you like it so far?? Are you satisfied ??? If you have any questions and favor, please let me know here or twitter or IG.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!! Thank you for reading !!!!


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