Kyoto #37: 鞍馬寺【Kurama Temple】Part1

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鞍馬山【Kurama Mountain】 ~Hardest Approach~ 

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鞍馬寺【Kurama-Dera Temple】, which is called Kurama temple below, is a very famous temple although it has a long and hard approach on 鞍馬山【Kurama Mountain】

Honestly, I had never thought it would be that hard and long as the lots of reviews said. But I understood those reviews were true and the hardest approach was waiting when I got to the 仁王門【Nio-Mon】which is the entrance gate of it.

That’s one of my awesome experiences in my life!! The scenery, temple, traditional things, and buildings are breathtaking!! You can get a special experience only there so I recommend you to try it. And there are many beautiful places around there so you’ll never be bored!!

I’ll introduce the highlights and attractions of Kurama Temple here. Let’s go to Kyoto world!!


鞍馬山【Kurama Mountain】

鞍馬寺【Kurama Temple】is on the top of 鞍馬山【Kurama Mountain】. 鞍馬山【Kurama Mountain】 is a mountain located in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

The altitude at the top of this mountain is 584 m. It’s been known as a sacred mountain since a very long time ago,  in 796, Kurama Temple was founded on the southern center of Mt. Kurama.


In addition, It’s been known not only that but one of the famous places in Kyoto for cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in autumn. You see lots of them blooming beautifully among Kurama Mountain

Moreover, it’s well known as a birthplace of 天狗【Tengu】which is one of the Japanese traditional creatures, long-nosed goblin-like below. It welcomes you in front of 鞍馬駅【Kurama station】. I always see many tourists taking pictures with it, so it’s kinda photo-worthy place lol


Then you’ve got to the entrance of Kurama mountain, there is a big gate there named 仁王門【Nio-Mon Gate】at the foot of the mountain.


Then you’ve passed the gate, your long-long journey to the top will start!! But it’s no problem if you don’t have any confidence to scale till the top by walk. After a few minutes’ walks from the gate, you have a first and last choice which you’ll proceed by walking or riding a cable car! If you’re not good at climbing mountains, you should use it without any hesitation!!


But if you ride that cable car, you can reach the top of it but you miss lots of attractive things on the way to the top!! So I recommend you to walk up to the top although it’s definitely tougher and harder than riding a cable car lol

On the way, you’ll see lots of shrines and things!!

由岐神社【Yuki shrine】
由岐神社【Yuki Shrine】surrounded by Kurama’s forest trees and clear air has been enshrined on Mount Kurama, the legend of Tengu since ancient times.

Since ancient times, it has been worshiped as a god of safe delivery and child support. Many people from all over the country come to pray for children who wish to have babies and to pray for a safe delivery for those who have children.


狛犬【Guardian dog】, an important cultural property owned by Yuki shrine, has a single child within its arms. (You never see this kind of statue anywhere else.


In addition, there is a tree, which lives for 800 years old, its height 53m. It is said that wishes will come true if you wish from a long time ago.

Then you start walking again after praying there, you just climb the mountain along the road. Hard…hard… sometimes refresh by beautiful sceneries….hard again lol

But totally, everything that you feel and experience while climbing would be great memories in Kyoto!!!

Long-long way to Kurama temple…

But there are many great stunning sceneries on the way!!

You can take a rest there inside!! It’s almost there up to top!!

Close, close, close to Kurama temple…

Finally, …….
Oooops. The details of Kurama temple is on the next one!! Please go proceed from the below link.

Then after you scale Kurama mountain, you’ll finally get to the Kurama temple on the top!! You should proceed to the next post, you’ll know the history of Kurama temple.

I still have lots of things about 鞍馬寺【Kurama-Dera Temple】, so I’ll tell you more specific information on next post!!! I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!!


・ Open: 9:00-16:30

・Admission Fee: 300 yen

・HP URL(English):