Kyoto #36: 貴船神社【Kifune Shrine】

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船神社【Kifune Shrine】in Kyoto.

貴船神社【Kifune Shrine】is one of the popular and famous places in Kyoto. It’s said to bring us Big Good Luck and Marriage.

Especially, many people visit there in summer and autumn to see breathtaking scenery!! I really recommend that you go there in summer because you can not only enjoy its scenery but also 貴船川床【KIfune Kawadoko】which means the floor over the flowing river that you can enjoy Kyoto-traditional dishes on the Kifune-stream like below.

This is so fantastic and makes you feel so cool down thanks to the flow of the stream!!


The combination of traditional heritage and nature is unbelievable and awesome!! You can feel like being into a different world since you walk into the surrounding area! I want you to feel as much fun as I did, so that’s why I’ll introduce it as a shrine that you should visit once. Let’s go to the mysterious world!!


貴船神社【Kifune Shrine】

Kifune Shrine is the headquarters of Kifune Shrine, which has about 500 companies nationwide and has been worshiped by many people as a god of water since ancient times. The water in Kifune shrine is considered one of the exquisite water of Kyoto. Great drinking water. It is recommended that you take an empty bottle to fill this special water.


Kifune Shrine is now the birthplace of 絵馬【Ema】which is wooden votive tablets that you can write down your wish on the back of the tablet, a must-have item at the shrine, and at the main shrine, two white and black horse statues welcome us.


Horses have been thought of as God’s vehicles since ancient times, and also is still believed by many people as a symbol of God’s “messenger” that fulfills our wishes. That’s why horses became Ema of Kifune Shrine. In addition, it has many attractions such as history, the main shrine, interesting a fortune-telling paper strip.

I think you’ve seen the picture like below when you look for places in Kyoto!! I’ve also seen this in the travel magazines about Kyoto or Japan.

You go up the stairs of approach to go to the main shrine. It has a fantastic atmosphere and attracts all the viewers. The scenery changes as you climb the stairs.


You find 御神水【Goshinsui】easier in front of the main Shrine. Many people try to do Fortune telling paper there! I’ll explain how to do it below, let’s try it!!

御神水【Goshinsui】 overflows from the stone wall in front of the main shrine. This is spring water from the sacred mountain 貴船山【Kibune Yama】, and has been loved by many people since ancient times as high-quality natural water with weak alkalinity.

本殿【Main Shrine】
You’ve gone up to the approach, you’ll see the main shrine. The main shrine enshrines the god of water, 高麗神【Takaoka-no-Kami】. Water is indispensable for our life. Maybe Takamine God is protecting the water that is naturally present. Make sure to express your gratitude.


In addition, they have an interesting fortune-telling paper strip. That name is…
水みくじ【Fortune Telling paper】

How to do
① Choose and pick a fortune-telling paper.

② Then pay 200 yen at the counter.

③ Your fortune telling paper put in on 御神水【Goshinsui】next to the store. Then texts will come out, which tell your fortune. You can ask the people who work there to translate Japanese into English.

④ Tie it with future hopes in mind.

If you’re interested in Kifune Shrine, you should follow their SNS accounts that you can get from their HP below!! That’s all about Kifune Shrine. How did you like it so far?? Are you satisfied ??? If you have any questions and favor, please let me know here or twitter or IG. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!! Thank you for reading !!!!


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