Kyoto #35: 河合神社【Kawai Shrine】

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合神社【Kawai Shrine】in Kyoto.

河合神社【Kawai Shrine】is one of the popular shrines for tourists, especially women because the god of beauty is enshrined there. It is at a corner of the forest which is called 糺ノ森【Tadasu no mori】that spreads out within the precincts of Shimogamo Shrine that is a world heritage site in Kyoto.

Among the many spiritual and touristy places in Kyoto, Kawai shrine is the one that is getting popilar than before and attract many tourists. There are many benefits for women! It is not too much to say that it is just for women. Here is an introduction to Kawai Shrine, where young women are increasingly worshiping.

This time,  I’ll introduce the highlights, ways to enjoy, and the history of Kawai Shrine.


河合神社【Kawai Shrine】

Kawai shrine enshrine the Japan’s first beautiful god, 玉依姫命【Tamayorihime no mikoto】. She is the god who is the mother of Emperor 神武【Jinmu】, who is regarded as the first emperor, and also widely known as a god who fulfills the desires of women to be beautiful, and fulfills wishes of women such as childbirth, childcare and marriage.

The most famous thing at Kawai Shrine is a hand-mirror-shaped ema called 鏡絵馬【Kagami Ema】. You can let a face of Kagami ema, which has been drawn in advance on the ema, make up with a wish to become a beautiful woman. It is said that it would be better to do it with your own cosmetics.

The gate is between west gate and east gate. Although it is a little small to call it a tower gate, plants and moss are rooted on the roof get you feel the old history and ages.


貴布禰神社【Kufune Shrine】
This is the “Kifune Shrine” that sits within the precincts of Kawai Shrine. The god of water, Takakami God, is enshrined, and the Kibune Shrine in Kurama, the northern part of Kyoto City, is said to be the main shrine of the Kifu Shrine.

任部社【Tobe no yashiro】
Tobe no yashiro in the precincts of Kawai Shrine enshrine 八咫烏命【Yatagarasu】, which is mythical raven who aided Empepor Jinmu on his eastern expedition and becomes the symbol of the uniform of the Japanese national football team. It is also regarded as the defensive deity of football, and is an important god for footballers.

That’s all about 河合神社【Kawai Shrine】. How did you like it so far?? Are you satisfied ??? If you have any question and favor, please let me know here or twitter or IG. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!! Thank you for reading !!!!


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