Kyoto Food #1: たわらや【Tawara-ya】

Wonderful Food!!!!
Tawara-ya in Kyoto

たわらや【Tawara-ya】 is quite famous for 一本うどん【Ippon Udon】in Kyoto. Ippon Udon means ‘Only one noodle’. Can you imagine this?? Actually, I’ve never thought and seen that before I visited there. It’s wonderful and unbelievable food in my life.

I’ll introduce the shop “Tawaraya”, the birthplace of Ippon Udon!


Must-visit Tawara-ya

If you turn your back to Ichino Torii, the entrance to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, you will see a narrow street called Onmae-street across the main street Imadegawa-street. It is said that Tawara-ya was founded in 1716-1736 in the Edo period on this Onmae-street.

Outside looks so beautiful.

Inside also looks like this. It’s very elegant because it has a long history in Kyoto.

You also can see the traditional Kyoto things like below.


Thick Sticky Ippon Udon

This is Ippon Udon!!! The surface of the noodles is smooth and sucked into your mouth smoothly. However, because of this thickness, you can’t get everything into your mouth once, so we eat while chewing on the way.


In addition, I ordered the set menu meal with 天丼【Tendon】which is A bowl of rice topped with tempura and a sweet seasoning sauce. Tendon is also delicious as much as Ippon Udon. Actually, there are so many meals and dishes on their menu but I really recommend the set menu meal with Tendon definitely.


If you think you can’t eat either by yourself, it’s no problem. They have a small size set menu and Udon, so if you need a small one, you should choose them!!

Although it is a little away from the center of Kyoto, if you visit the northwestern part of Kyoto, such as Kitano Tenmangu, you should try it once!

Tawara-ya and its udon are delicious and have a strong impact on our memories of the journey. I believe that Ippon Udon will make your day and taste Japanese interesting and wonderful dishes there.


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