Kyoto #32: 宇治上神社【Ujikami Shrine】

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治上神社【Ujikami Shrine】in Kyoto.

Have you ever visited 宇治上神社【Ujikami Shrine】before?? Actually, I had not gone there till my last Kyoto trip in May.

The nearest station is JR Uji station, the same as 平等院【Byodo-In】.


宇治上神社【Ujikami Shrine】is near 平等院【Byodo-In】that it only takes 15~20 minutes by walk, so many people who go to Byodo-In visit after they’ve done sightseeing around Byodo-In.

So when you go to Byodo-In, I recommend that you visit Ujikami Shrine by walk!! You also can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery on the way to it like photos below.!! There are many signs which indicate a direction, so you’ll never get lost on the way.

Anyway, I’ll introduce 宇治上神社【Ujikami Shrine】to you from now on!!! Are you ready???


宇治上神社【Ujikami Shrine】

宇治上神社【Ujikami Shrine】is one of the oldest architecture of shrines, built in the later period of 平安時代【Heian period】. I guess you feel like the site looks rather smaller than expected, however, the sence of dignity is great!

The shrine architecture is not only the oldest one but also designated as a national treasure along with the worship hall built in 鎌倉時代【Kamakura period】. And also it is a prestigious shrine where all the buildings and grounds including the scenery of the trees behind the shrine are registered as World Cultural Heritage.

In addition, Ujikami Shrine and shrines around there are famous for Rabbit!! The reason why 宇治 is strongly related to Rabbit is that the place name 宇治【Uji】 in Kyoto named from the fact that it was written as 菟道【Uji】 The pronounces are same but letters are different, the original letter 菟 means Rabbits so it is strongly related to Rabbit.


You walk from 平等院【Byodo-In】following the signs, you’ll get to the gate of it. I guess it’s easier to get there than you expected!!!

Then you pass through and walk straight from torii, you’ll get to 宇治上神社【Ujikami Shrine】. You first see 拝殿【Haiden】which means worship hall.

The first thing that catches the eye is the cone-shaped sand. It is called 清めの砂【Kiyome no Suna】, which is a god’s dependency, devoted to the Yahata Festival and cleansed the shrine for one year.  It is a splendid shrine hall in Yamate.

本殿【Honden】which means the main shrine is located at the back of 拝殿【Haiden】. Uji Shrine, and his father, Emperor Ojin, and his brother, Emperor Nintoku are enshrined there, and it’s well known that they bring us to Academic achievement, Luck, Fulfillment in love.

It gives us an impression that it seems more compact than Haiden, but there are a left shrine, a middle shrine, and a right shrine, and a picture that is also the Important Cultural Property is drawn on the door. The inside cannot be viewed, but just looking at the beautiful main shrine of the national treasure is well worth it.


That’s all about 宇治上神社【Ujikami Shrine】. How did you like it so far?? Are you satisfied ??? If you have any question and favor, please let me know here or twitter or IG.

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