Kyoto #30: 永観堂【Eikan-do】

Breathtaking Three Gardens…
Eikan-do is especially famous around Hosei Pond, which is an outside garden, but Hojo Garden is also wonderful. There are three Hojo Gardens with different tastes inside Hojo.

Hojo North Gaeden

Hojo West Garden

Hojo south garden


The Most Famous Place for Autumn Leaves… 
Over 3,000 maples are planted in the precincts of Eikan-do. Every year when the autumn leaves fall, the precincts are dyed in red. When it comes to the best time to see the autumn leaves every year, you can enjoy the beauty different from the daytime. When the autumn leaves are scattered on the ground, the ground seems like a colorful red carpet, and it is worth visiting and seeing.

Green and red maple trees


Besides autumn, they will show you the beauty of the seasons. Above all, the beauty of fresh greenery in early summer is exceptional. Compared to autumn, there are also fewer tourists, so you can explore the precincts slowly.


This time, we have introduced Eikan-do in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there and see its beauty and magnificence. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature there.


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・ Open: 9:00-17:00

・Admission Fee: 600 yen (Adult)

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