Kyoto #27: 平等院鳳凰堂【Byodo-In】

1000 Years Beauty 
Byodo-In in Kyoto.

Byodo-In whichi is officially called Byodoin-Ho-oh-doh is quite famous and fabulous temple in Kyoto. In particular, the beauty of Byodo-In attracts lots of people in the world. If you have a 10 yen coin or 10,000 yen bill, please check their back!! You definitely find a beautiful Japanese traditional heritage on them.

Byodo-In is drawn on the back 10 yen coin. It’s said that it was chosen as the design because it has survived lots of past wars and things. That’s why people thought it was one of the representative Japanese old culture statue that they should take over forever. Then it was chosen as the design of Japanese money.


Hoh-Oh is drawn on the back 10,000 yen bill. In Japan, Hoh-Oh which means Phoenix is a symbol of Good Luck, Happiness and peace and happiness.



Byodo-In was built in 1052 and then it was designated as the world heritage. Byodo-in Garden is one of the Japanese gardens created from the Heian period to the Kamakura period. Byodo-in gardens are perfect for enjoying the beautiful scenery of the four seasons.

Fantastic City “Uji”…
Tea stalls stand side by side on Uji bridge street and Byodo-In street in the center of Uji City, where tourists are often seen having tea. There are many souvenir shops, restaurants and food stands, etc, so people’ll definitely enjoy walking these streets toward Byodo-In

Uji bridge



Awesome greeny Entrance …
After walking through these streets, people’ll get to Byodo-In entrance space. People see lots of beautiful nature before you get to its gate. Actually, people can feel like walking in the old days as if you become the person who lives in Heian period.


Entrance gate

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