Kyoto #24: 晴明神社【Seimei shrine】

What a spiritual shrine
Seimei Shrine in Kyoto.

Even if you don’t know the shrine called Seimei Shrine, people may have heard of the name Abe Seimei. Recently, a famous figure skater, Yuzuru Hanyu, won a gold medal by showing a program on the theme of SEIMEI. Many people may have been interested in Haruaki Abe after seeing his wonderful performance. This shrine dedicated to Abe Seimei is Seimei Shrine.


晴明神社【Seimei Shrine】

Seimei Abe, the noted Heian era acholar of astrology, is enshrined here. Seimei Shrine is well known as its benefits of “protection from evil and sick” because Seimei Abe has gained great trust from people and also is well known that he could take away suffering and struggle of life. That trust has not changed at all until now.

Welcomed by interesting gate and symbol…
When people arrive here, they see Ichi-no-torii gate which is featured by the symbol called Seimei Kikyo, which looks like a Chinese bellflower, and it also seems like “Pentagram” on the top.


What a cute statues…
It’s said that Seimei Abe performed phenomenal magic by using a spell called Seimei Kikyo and using dolls to make most of “Shikigami“. In addition, in most literature and tales, Shikigami that the Onmyoji employed usually appears in the form of a piece of Japanese paper that morphs into birds or beast, spirits according to the will of Onmyoji.

Ichijo-bashi bridge

Statue of Shikigami


Finally, people step into a world deeply here. On the lantern hanging next to the torii gate shows “Seimei Kikyo” again here.  Passing through Ni no torii, there are many interesting and spiritual things at the precinct. Please check them out and enjoy everything.


①Feel its wonderful world at the first sight!!
This well has an interesting story that Seimei did dig this well by using his psychokinesis, so that’s why it’s well known that its water brings us ‘recovery from illness’ and ‘Good health’. We can drink this water if you wanna try it!!


In addition, there is also a stone pattern in the shape of the Big Dipper in front of it, so don’t miss it!

The Big Dipper


②Historical and spiritual shrine…
The main shrine was established in 1905. It looks so traditional and magnificent that it takes you to the old days while you stay there. Abe Seimei was said to have gained a great deal of trust in getting rid of his worries and sufferings, so he’s been enshrined here for a long time and here is believed to remove the “negative things” and “evil”.

Main shrine

Statue of Seimei Abe


③Peaches loved by people
At Seimei Shrine, there is a large peach statue called “Removing Evil Peach”, which many people stroke. It is said that peach has been said to remove evil in China since ancient times. Just stroking has the benefit of evil. In addition, it is said that those who have pain in the body will feel pain if they touch that part and then stroke the peach.

Removing Evil Peach


④300-year-old sacred tree
In addition, there is a sacred tree of Kusunoki tree, which is around 300 years old, in front of “Removing Evil Peach”. Just by touching this tree, I feel that the power of nature flows into my body and my luck goes up! ! Don’t just look at it, please touch it.

Kusunoki tree


This time, we have introduced Seimei shrine in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there and see its beauty and magnificence. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature there.


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