Kyoto #24: 晴明神社【Seimei shrine】

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明神社【Seimei Shrine】in Kyoto.

Do you know 陰陽師【Onmyoji】??? 陰陽師【Onmyoji】is a professional practitioner of the Japanse esoteric cosmology.

安倍晴明【Abe-no-Seimei】is the most famous Onmyoji in Japan. He became well known by Japanese movie “Onmyoji” in 2001. If you haven’t seen yet, please try it !!!

You can feel like you’re coming to that world when visiting there!! Everything is great and has an interesting story on each thing at 晴明神社【Seimei Shrine】. It might be famous and popular for foreigners, but I want you to know more specific!!!

Let’s go to the misterious world!!

晴明神社【Seimei Shrine】

安倍晴明【Abe-no-Seimei】, the noted Heian era acholar of astrology, is enshrined here. It was established at the present location,  where is the site Abe-no-Seimeiby used to live,  by  一条天皇【Itijo-emperor】in 1007 to enshrine the spirit of him.

晴明神社【Seimei Shrine】is a shrine of 魔除け&厄除け【To protect from evil】because Abe-no-Seimei has gained great trust from people and also is well known that he could take away (eliminate) suffering and struggle of life. That trust has not changed at all until now.

When you arrive here, you’ll see 一の鳥居【Ichi-no-Torii】which is featured by the symbol 晴明桔梗【Seimei Kikyo】, which looks like a Chinese bellflower, called 五芒星【Pentagram】on the top.


It’s said that Seimei performed phenomenal magic by using a spell called Seimei Kikyo and using dolls to make most of 式神【Shikigami】.
In addition, in most literature and tales about Onmyoji, the Shikigami that the Onmyoji employed usually appears in the form of a piece of Japanese paper that morphs into birds or beast, spirits according to the will of Onmyoji.

Then you walk through 二の鳥居【Ni-no-Torii】, you’ll get to the 晴明神社【Seimei Shrine】, and you can find interesting 手水舎【Cho-Zu Ya】 and 晴明井【Seimei-well】.

This well has an interesting story that Seimei did dig this well by using his psychokinesis, so that’s why it’s well known that its water brings us ‘recovery from illness’ and ‘Good health’. You can drink this water if you wanna try it!!

Finally, you’ll get to 本殿【Honden】that Seimei Abe is enshrined there. This is established in 1905. It looks so traditional and magnificent that it takes you to the old days while you stay there.


You won’t find only the symbol 晴明桔梗【Seimei Kikyo】around there, but also the statue of him and 厄除桃 which has the power to protect us from evil things.


Actually, this is not so large, but you can enjoy the atmosphere and its story of Onmyoji.
If you’re interested in there, let’s go as soon as you think so!!!

That’s all about 晴明神社【Seimei Shrine】.  Are you satisfied ??? If you have any question and favor, please let me know here or twitter or IG. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!! Thank you for reading !!!!


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