Kyoto #19: 無鄰菴【Murin-an】

For Japanese Garden Lovers 
Murin-an in Kyoto.

Murin-an is very famous for some people who know about Kyoto well and like a modern garden. People can see magnificent scenery every season. Especially, it’s known well as one of the remarkable places of green beauty in summer and autumn leaves in autumn.



Murin-an is located in Sakyo-Ku in Kyoto. It was built as a Villa of Aritomo Yamagata who was said to be the as a Japan’s warlords.  Murin-an is a hidden autumnal landmark where people can enjoy the wonderful harmony of modern Japanese garden and colorful autumn leaves.

Japanese Traditional Inside…
It is a facility centered on a Japanese garden and is designed as a place of scenic beauty. The site where the garden, the main house, and the tea room are united is one of the most scenic places in Kyoto. Fortunately, it’s seldom crowded whenever I visit although there are so many famous and popular places representing Kyoto like Heian-Jingu, Nanzen-Ji temple, etc… around there.



Japanese Traditional Garden…
At first, Murin-an was a beautiful garden that Aritomo Yamagata liked, but the humid environment has turned out to be a beautiful garden with moss. Murin-an is also a spot where people can enjoy both the awesome autumn leaves and the beautiful moss garden as much as others.

Murin-an Garden


What a nice flame and picture…
The combination of garden and Japanese traditional architecture is really great that people can see like as a one beautiful paintings from inside. And there is a tea room as well, so it would be so nice to see it while having delicious green tea.

From Murin-an

This time, we have introduced Murin-an in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there and see its beauty and magnificence. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature there.


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