Kyoto #14: 野宮神社【Nonomiya shrine】

Mysterious shrine in the bamboo forest
Nonomiya Shrine in Kyoto.

Nonomiya Shrine is located a little along the path of the bamboo forest in Saga Arashiyama. It is a place where you can feel a very calm atmosphere surrounded by bamboo. It is very popular as a shrine that benefits of marriage. There are also many people visiting as a starting point for the tour of Sagano, and there are also many foreign tourists and tourists.


Nonomiya Shrine

Nonomiya shrine was built in 809. It’s a kinda small shrine in the Arashiyama area, and the bamboo grove around there is also well known. In addition, it’s famous as a spiritual place to bring you success of Love, Safe delivery of child and Academic achievement when you visit here. So many people come here to pray for the success of them, especially love and good relationship!!

Long Long Long History…
It has a time-honored history!!! So it appears in one of the famous and popular Japanese classic literature “The Tales of Genji” that Japanese people study about it when people are studens.

Nonomiya Shrine

Unique Torii Gate…
In front of Nonomiya Shrine, people find an unique gate called Kuroki Torii, which is the oldest gate in Japan. Ordinally Torii is a gate that is painted with Japanese traditional orange(Looks like Vermilion).

Ordinally Torii looks like this⬇️


But Kuroki Torii is chiefly made of natural wood which means it looks like The wood appearance with thoughts of landscape preservation of Heian Period. It’s really cool, right???

Kuroki Torii


Receiving Many Luck…
Speaking of Nonomiya Shrine is a marriage. Therefore, there are a lot of people worshiped by Nonomiya Daikokuten. A small shrine looks cute. In addition, it has interesting way to pray. First, fill in the paper with the information you want to see or purify and pray with a coin on the surface.

Nonomiya Daikokuten


Mysterious stone…
Jinseki is really important and also well known to make our wishes come true when you pray for wishes while touching Jinseki. Especially, the success of Love and Academic achievement.



The other great shrine…
Walking from the main shrine to the right, people find another Torii gate and small shrine named Shirafuku Inari daimyojin. Here is famous not only for marriage but also for the benefits of the easy delivery of a baby. People can see how much it is believed from the large number of Ema.

Shirafuku Inari daimyojin


What a great moss garden…
In the precincts, there is a moss garden called “carpet moss” that represents the scenery of Arashiyama with moss. The Hozugawa River is represented by white sand. Togetsukyo bridge covered with moss rests on white sand.

In autumn, the leaves fall on top of the moss, making it an exceptional beauty. There are many moss spots in Arashiyama. Carpet moss is a minor presence in it, but its beauty is indistinguishable. It is recommended to watch over time.


This time, we have introduced Nonomiya shrine in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there both to see fascinated scenery and to get many luck for yourself. You can experience awesome atmosphere and nature.


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