Kyoto #10: キモノフォレスト【Kimono Forest】

What a gorgeous Kimono event
Kimono Forest in Kyoto

Here is a part of Arashiyama station. The concept is “Expression of Kyoto-like view especially Kyo-Yuzen, which means one of the traditional dyeing techniques and arts in Kyoto. There are 600 Kyoto Yuzen poles that cover the entire site of station. This is definitely must-see thing and unbelievably overwhelming!


Kimono Forest

These are used a real Cloths of traditional cloth inside poles. Poles of Kimono Forest is installed LED in it, and then illuminated during night beautifully. And there are totally 32 patterns. I would like you to take a closer look at each and enjoy the world of Kyo Yuzen. People can feel like being in an art museum while at the station!

Sunset Time


At Arashiyama Station, various considerations have been taken, such as installing benches everywhere so that users can enjoy and stay at the station slowly. By all means, please walk slowly.

Night Time


This time, we have introduced Kimono Forest at Arashiyama station in Kyoto. When you come to Kyoto, you should visit there to see how beautiful they are. You can experience awesome atmosphere and tradition.


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