Kyoto #9: 嵐山 【Arashiyama】

Today’s topic is

 【Arashiyama】 in Kyoto.

It’s one of the most popular and famous areas in Kyoto!! (I always introduced ‘one of the most popular and famous places’ lol) This time I show you the atmosphere of Arashiyama!!
Because there are so many places around here so I’ll show you all of them gradually!

The reason why this place is popular and famous is that there are many traditional and historical things (including temples and shrines), and many souvenir shops, etc… In fact, we need more than 1 day to walk around here including day and night views of there!!

After all, the ATMOSPHERE is great and beautiful!!

嵐山 【Arashiyama-Area】

The area around 渡月橋【Togetsu-Kyo】 is called Arashiyama and attracts many tourists particularly as it is a scenic spot for cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

We usually go there by train (from Kyoto station)

(1) 嵐山駅(嵐電) ‘Arashiyama station(Araden-Line)’
→The nearest station!!
(2) 嵐山駅(阪急線) ‘Arashiyama station(Hankyu-Line)’
→Need 5 minutes to walk to Arashiyama area
(3) 嵯峨嵐山駅(山陰線) ‘Saga-Arashiyama station (Sanin-Line)’
→Need 10 minutes to walk to Arashiyama area but easier from Kyoto station 

In my case, I usually use (3) Saga-Arashiyama station (Sanin-Line) from Kyoto station because I can get there by just taking this line, I mean without any transfers from Kyoto station!!

But this is my case!!! I always go from Kyoto station, so I choose (3)!!! Anyway, I’ve never used others ahaha

I think you should choose depending on the place you are!! If you’re confused which line you should use, please text me on my Instagram! You can go there from each station because you definitely find people who go to Arashoyama, so you just follow them lol

Don’t worry!!!!! Everything is gonna be okay!!!

After you find the main street, you just only enjoy everything!!

Shopping, Sightseeing, Photo, Video

I took lots of pictures!! As I said, this time I show you the atmosphere of Arashiyama!! I’ll definitely show you more specific!!! Please wait for a second!!!

Shopping ~All shops are along the Arashiyama street~
1. Traditional Doll shop


2. Traditional Doll shop part2


3. Japanese Traditional Fan shop


4. Japanese Sake shop


1. 渡月橋【Togetsu-Kyo】


2. 桂川【Katsura-riber】


3. 大通り【Arashiyama-street】


Photo Spots
1. キモノ・フォレスト【Kimono Forest】

That’s all about 嵐山【Arashiyama】 Are you satisfied ??? If you have any question and favor, please let me know here or twitter or IG. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!! Thank you for reading !!!!


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