Kyoto #9: 嵐山 【Arashiyama】

The Popular and Famous Area
Arashiyama in Kyoto.

It’s one of the most popular and famous areas in Kyoto because Arashiyama area has a bunch of attractive, traditional and historical places. In addition to them, there are many restaurants and cafes, souvenir shops and so on along the main Street.


Arashiyama Area

Arashiyama is a particularly popular area among Kyoto’s many sightseeing spots. There are many famous places such as “Katsura River” where the calm river flow is comfortable, “Togetsu-Kyo Bridge” where you can see the scenery like Arashiyama, and a world heritage temple where you can feel the history.

Arashiyama Map


The Symbol of Arashiyama…
A walk on the bridge while listening to the sounds of the river is a luxurious moment. Let’s enjoy a 155m long walk! You can enjoy the green mountains in summer and the colorful mountains in autumn.

Togetsu-Kyo bridge


Many restaurants and stores, etc…
Arashiyama has many souvenir shops and Japanese grocery stores, mainly at Arashiyama Station. You can enjoy shopping with friends or enjoy your time. Let’s enjoy taking a walk and looking for souvenirs around there.

Souvenir shops


What a stunning sunset views…
Unlike around the station on the north side, the park is spacious and the Katsura River flows, so you can enjoy the scenery slowly. The cherry blossoms in spring and the fall foliage in autumn, let’s take a closer look at Togetsukyo, the symbol of Arashiyama.

Sunset views


Even in Kyoto city, there is a different attractive things from around Kyoto Station, where you can enjoy the historical shrines and temples and gardens along with nature, and there are many places where make our mind and body confortable.


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