Kyoto #8: 二年坂&三年坂【Ninenzaka&Sannenzaka】Part1

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&三年坂【Sannenzaka】in Kyoto.

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Do you know these streets??
If you’ve visited Kiyomizu-temple, you would definitely walk through those street because 二年坂&三年坂【Ninenzaka&Sanenzaka st.】are created as a way of worship leading to Kiyomizu Temple.

It is one of the popular and famous where you can enjoy the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery in Kyoto with tiled roofs of Japanese houses along the cobblestone street. On the way down Kiyomizu-zaka from Kiyomizu-dera temple to Kodai-Ji temple, there are plenty of attractive shops such as famous shops, long-established restaurants, and popular souvenir shops.

清水寺【Kiyomizu-dera temple】

高台寺【Kodai-Ji temple】

I’ll introduce some points where you can enjoy a better walk. Let’s go to Kyoto-world!!


二寧坂&産寧坂【Ninenzaka&Sanenzaka st.】

Ninenzaka&Sanenzaka st. are parts of 清水坂【Kiyomizu-zaka st.】leading to Kiyomizu-dera temple. If you go from Gion-shijo station, you can also see other sites like Yasaka shrine on the to Kiyomizu-dera.

Why are the number of years included in those street’s name???

These names came from the following story!! These streets are floored with stone, so old people thought it was a bit dangerous to walk and run, which means it has possibilities to fall down like that. That’s why old people made some proverbs and stories below to alert people to walk carefully.

#1: 二年坂でつまづき転ぶと二年以内に死ぬ
(If you tumble on Two years hill, you will die within two years)

#2: 三年坂でつまづき転ぶと三年以内に死ぬ
(If you tumble on Three years hill, you will die within three years)

Interesting isn’t it???
Let’s try to walk through these hills!! Be careful to not fall down!!

二年坂【Ninenzaka st.】
If you go from Gion-shijo station, you would walk through 一年坂【Ichi-nenzaka】which is the short street just befoire Ni-nenzaka st. You’ve passed the street, then you’ll be already at Ni-nenzaka st.

There so many shops (including gift&souvenirs shops), food stands and restaurants along the street.
This Kyoto-like view (Streets&buildings) is registered as one of the Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic buildings in Japan.

一年坂【Ichi-nenzaka st.】

二年坂【Ni-nenzaka st.】


和傘【Japanese umbrella store】

京だんご【Kyoto sweete restaurant】

お土産屋【Souvenirs shops】


産寧坂【Sanenzaka st.】
After you go up this stairs, then you’ll be already at San-nenzaka st. This is a street called Kiyomizu-zaka st. There are also many stores and restaurants along the street!!

if you get into all the souvenir shops, it would take all day. In my case, I always walk through from start to end for two or three hours, I’ve been to there several times though. After you”d see the whole view of there, you’ll absolutely be being addicted to there and you wanna visit there over and over from the bottom of your heart.

三年坂【Sannenzaka st】

扇子屋【Japanese hand fan shop】


お箸屋【Chopsticks shop】

お土産屋【Souvenirs shop】

八坂の塔【Yasaka Pagoda】
In addition to those streets, the neighborhood atmosphere is fascinating: old and quiet with 八坂の塔【Yasaka Pagoda】, one of the two five-storied pagodas in central Kyoto. Turning left at the pagoda and you’ll find the bus street straight ahead. Whenever you look back, the pagoda is there, which seems to be seeing you off.

This is one of the popular picture-wothy places in Kyoto. Have you ever these kind of pictures on the magagine, the internet, etc??

I still have lots of things about 二年坂&三年坂【Ninenzaka&Sanenzaka st.】, so I’ll tell you more specific information on next post!!! I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!!


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