Kyoto #8: 二年坂&三年坂【Ninenzaka&Sannenzaka】Part2

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&三年坂【Sannenzaka】in Kyoto.

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I posted the previous one about the introduction of 二年坂&三年坂【Ninenzaka&Sanenzaka st.】, and this time I’ll show you the night view there!!

How do you spend your time on a sightseeing trip? I think you will spend a lot of time at the inn such as hot springs, eating around, and going to see the night view. It depends on where you would stay and who comes with you, but I think you should go to Ninenzaka&San’nenzaka st in the evening or at night!!

You’ll understand everything I say like this after you would read below. Let’s go to the night world of Ninenzaka&Sanenzaka st.!!


Around this area is the most popular in Kyoto, but in the early mornings and evenings, there is a souvenir shop shutter and the noise of the day is as quiet as if it’s not like representative touristy places in Kyoto.

Most of the tourists only go there during the daytime!! Indeed, all stores and shops, restaurants are already close in the late evening, but I really recommend that you go at night after getting dark. Because you can see unbelievable sceneries around there and take lots of beautiful photos!!

一年坂【Ichinenzaka st.】

二年坂【Ninenzaka st.】

三年坂【Sannenzaka st.】

八坂の塔【Yasaka Pagoda】

That’s all about 二年坂&三年坂【Ninenzaka&Sanenzaka st.】 How did you like it so far?? Are you satisfied ??? If you have any question and favor, please let me know here or twitter or IG. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!! Thank you for reading !!!!


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