Kyoto #7: 八坂神社【Yasaka-shrine】part1

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坂神社 【Yasaka-Shrine】 in Kyoto.

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It’s one of the most popular and famous places in Kyoto!! The area around Yasaka-Kiyomizu is so popular that many foreigners and tourists visit and walk around!!

There are many historical places…

清水寺【Kiyomizu-dera temple】

高台寺【Kodai-Ji temple】


建仁寺【Kennin-Ji temple】

Aside from them, You can also see 歌舞伎座【Kabuki-za】, 花見小路通【Hanami-Kouzi street】 along 四条通り【Shizyo-street】 from Kawaramachi station.



花見小路通【Hanami-Kouzi street】

And then it’s not enough to tell you attractive things in 建仁寺【Kennin-Ji Temple】
So Topic about  八坂神社【Yasaka Shrine】consists of Two posts.
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八坂神社 【Yasaka-Shrine】

八坂神社【Yasaka Shrine】 respects some gods of Japanese mythology, 素盞嗚尊 【Susanoo-no-Mikoto】, 櫛名田比売 【Kushinada-Hime】and 八柱御子神 【Yahashira-no-Mikogami】.

素盞嗚尊 【Susanoo-no-Mikoto】is one of the famous gods in Japan, who defeated 八岐大蛇 【Yamata-no-Orochi】 which represented the symbol of disaster for a long time ago. And also We often see a lot of comic, novel and anime which 素盞嗚尊 【Susanoo-no-Mikoto】 shows up in.

It’s a bit difficult, isn’t it?? I think so too lol But from now on, It’ll be so simple that you omly enjoy 八坂神社【Yasaka Shrine】.

It’s built over 1,350 years ago, which is located between 祇園通り【Gion-street】 and 東山通り 【Higashiyama-street】. You can go there through a lot of ways!! That’s why it’s so easy to go there and then other places after you see around there.

There are some buildings there,  西楼門 【Nishi-Roumon】, 本殿【Honden】and 舞殿【Buden】
These are all Important Cultural Property in Japan. So you can not only see a lot of historical and traditional things and get 御朱印 Goshuin, charms, and something like that.

When you walk toward 八坂神社【Yasaka Shrine】on 祇園通り【Gion-street】, then you first see 西楼門【Nishi-Romon Gate】 which is vermilion and magnificent appearance.


【Nishi-Romon (Gate)】
西楼門【Nishi-Romon Gate】is the Important Cultural Property in Yasaka shrine. The gate on the west side of Shijo-dori has a beautiful appearance and a symbol of Yasaka Shrine, which is popular with citizens and tourists. Satsuki planting in front of the gate is also famous, and entertains those who are traveling during the flower season.

Then you walk through the gate and the approach like below, you finally get to the Main Builginds in 八坂神社【Yasaka Shrine】. You can also enjoy something to eat and drink on the approach because there are many food stands along the approach!!


【Honden: Main Hall】
八坂神社【Yasaka Shrine】is also the Important Cultural Property in Yasaka shrine.
It has many mysterious legends, and the main shrine is one of them. In the story that the people of the city have handed down, there is a large pond below this, and the water vein connects to 神泉苑【Shinsenen】where located in the west of Heiankyo, and 東寺【To-Ji Temple】 in the south. In addition, the pond is a “dragon hole” where the blue dragon lives as a place where the energy of the earth gathers, and it has been said that the city has been protected since ancient times.


【Buden (The right building)】
舞殿【Buden】 is a stage where votive events and weddings are held. The lanterns full of Gion atmosphere donated by Hanayai huts and ryotei are not only lighted every night, but night weddings can also be held under the lanterns and star lights.


【Utsukushi-Gozen-sha Shrine】

美御前社【Utsukushi-Gozen-Sha Shrine】enshrines three beautiful female gods. It is well known that it brings us beuty and happiness, so many young women including Gion Maiko and Geiko visit there.

In addition, in the ground of 八坂神社【Yasaka Shrine】, there is a beauty water that is also said to bring them beautiful skin and mind when you wash your hands and face.


I still have lots of things about 八坂神社【Yasaka Shrine】, so I’ll tell you more specific information on next post!!!
I hope you guys are also gonna enjoy this post as much as I did!!


・ Open: 9:00 to 16:00

・Admission Fee: –



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