Kyoto Guest House #2: 器 【Utsuwa】

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Staying at a guest house in Kyoto Part2

As I said before, the number of the guest house is increasing in Kyoto, even around Japan maybe because more foreign travelers think they wanna spend their money for enjoying watching traditional things, eating food, having special experiences rather than staying at the gorgeous hotel or ryokan.

Many Japanese people even think about it the same way.
So we can save the money to stay at the cheaper guest house.

Increasing guest house in Kyoto, in addition, they are so clean and beautiful.
That’s why people who are interested in staying at a guest house like me are increasing too.

Anyway, I write about a guest house I stayed in Kyoto.
And also this was the second time to stay guest house in Japan!!
So I was really interested in it and also I wanna post about it!!

I stayed at

Guest house 器 ‘Utsuwa’

I write about details below so if you are interested in this, let’s check and book.

This guest house is a mixed style of Japanese traditional style and modern style.
So you can spend a great time there!!


Communication & Relax floor ★★★★★

We can stay in this room and also you can eat and drink.
In addition, the mood is really nice!!

In my case, I enjoyed drinking craft beer and wine with my friends and people who were there at that time.
That was so nice and fun time!!

Of course, I talked with them in English and a bit Japanese.
But I think everyone enjoys talking with strangers there because everyone who stays there is so friendly and gentle from my experiences.


Bedroom ★★★★☆

The bedroom is very clean and quiet.
So you can sleep well.

But I thought what I wanted is a big locker that we get into our big luggage with a key for free.
We can use a wire to bind between luggage and bed.
Some people think it’s safe enough, some people don’t think so.
I think it’s depending on people, to be frank, I thought it’s enough lol.
Because I believe everyone is good and kind.

Bath (shower) and Washroom ★★★★☆

These are very clean and organized!!
In addition, we can get a towel and other amenities for free.

Accommodation Fee ★★★★★

We can stay here for about 2,000~2,500 yen (20-25 dollars) per person per night!!
In my case, the accommodation fee this time was 1,994 yen.
That’s enough cheap compared to other guest houses I think!!

Summary ★★★★★

We can stay here without any problems at a cheaper price.
And also they served very great services while I stayed.

They are so friendly and kind, gentle.
So I felt like staying at the special hotels lol
If you might think I’m saying overestimate, please stay there and then you’ll definitely have a similar feeling to me.

I really love coming and staying here!!
I’m definitely gonna be back here next time I come to Kyoto!!
I also wanna meet people who look at this blog and choose this guest house!!


Other pictures

Guest house 器 ‘Utsuwa’

・How to reserve:Airbnb (In my case)

・Fee: 2,000-3,000 yen (Depending on the Season and Date)

・Adress:8-86 Honmachi Higashiyama-Ku KYOTO



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