Kyoto #3: 金閣寺【Kinkaku-Ji】

No.1 Kyoto Touristy place
Kinkaku-Ji Temple in Kyoto.

Needless to say, Kinkaku-Ji Temple is the most famous temple in Kyoto, even in Japan. It’s the unbeliebablly beautiful temple shining golden, and also the one reflecting on large pond. No two Golden architectures are the same across the world. So I’m sure it’s worth going and seeing directly at least once in your life.


Kinkaku-Ji Temple

Kinkaku-Ji temple is officially named Rokuon-Ji temple, which was rebuilt two times in 1694 and 1950, is registered as World Heritage since 1994. Here Kinkaku-Ji temple is really popular not only because its beauty but also because the other magnificent things!! Don’t miss everything!!


Are You Ready?…
Start at the main gate!! Compare to the image of the shining Kinkaku-ji Temple, the main gate probably looks a bit conservative. But, the main gate is enough great and fascinate. Then the ticket shop surrounded by beautiful buildings is there. It’s time to start wonderful Kinkaku-ji journey.

The main gate

The ticket shop


What a Gold and Beautiful!!!
Kinkaku is the three-story pavilion which is 10 by 13m in the area and 13m high, topped by 1.1m bronze phoenix with outspread wings. The first floor of the pavilion was used as a reception hall. The second floor was reserved for private meetings with guests. The third floor served as a private retreat for ceremonial tea drinking and contemplation.



Welcome to The Mirror World…
People can take a beautiful and great picture that Kinkaku is reflected onto the surface of Kagami-Ike(Mirror Pond). In addition, in winter, if it snows, the Kinkaku will be covered with snow which makes the golden body more attractive than usual.

Reflecting Kinkaku-Ji


The Oldest Thing Here…
Fudo-do is estimated to have been erected in 1225. It is the oldest existing architecture here and well-known for the benefit of improving the “eye”, so there are many people suffering from eye diseases.



What Else Is? …
A small waterfall, which has a stone seems like Carp that follows the Chinese admonition To-Ryu-mon means a gateway of success, standing before it. Can you imagine from this??

To-Ryu-mon waterfall


In addition, interesting Bonsai, which means a dwarfed potted plant, named Rikushu no matsu form its boat-like shape, is in the north garden opposite to Kinkaku-Ji temple.

Rikushu no matsu


Take a break with maccha…
I know there are so many great things in the precinct.
People can find the tea place named Kinkakuji-fudougamachasho. Of course, green tea is tasty and excellent!! And Japanese sweet is also fabulous.

Green tea (with Japanese sweets): 500 yen


Maccha and Sweet


This time, I’ve introduced Kinkaku-ji temple in Kyoto. You can enjoy both Kinkaku-Ji and The other attractive things. I hope you enjoy there as much as I do.


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・ Open: 9:00 to 17:00

・Admission Fee: 400 yen (Adult)



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