Kyoto #3: 金閣寺【Kinkaku-Ji Temple】

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閣寺 【Kinkaku-Ji Temple】 in Kyoto.

I think 金閣寺 【Kinkaku-Ji Temple】 is known for all tourists who come to Kyoto. This is the most famous temple in Kyoto, even in Japan.

Kinkaku-Ji temple comes to mind first when it comes to sightseeing spots in Kyoto. Along with Ginkaku-Ji temple, Kinkaku-Ji temple is one of the temples that represent Kyoto. Those who visit Kinkaku-Ji temple mostly visit Ginkaku-Ji too, and vice versa.

It’s a beautiful temple shining golden on the banks of a large pond. You know, what everyone first focuses on is color GOLD. I’ve never seen any buildings like that other than Kinkaku-temple. So I’m sure it’s worth going and seeing directly at least once in your life.

I’ll introduce the highlights and attractions of Kinkaku-Ji temple here.
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金閣寺 【Kinkaku-Ji Temple】

Kinkaku-Ji temple is officially named 鹿苑寺【Rokuon-Ji temple】 which is one of the temples that represent Kyoto. Kinkaku-Ji is made from 3 floors. The second and third floor is covered with gold which is why this temple is called Kinkaku-Ji temple.

The Golden Pavilion is the must-see place there!!  Kinkaku-Ji temple, which was rebuilt two times in 1694 and 1950, is registered as World Heritage since 1994.

In addition, you can see lots of faces of Kinkaku-Ji every season!! I can’t believe you will not feel anything when you see Kinkaku-temple standing there. And also I want you to walk around there because there are so many traditional and historical buildings and things.

総門【So-Mon (Gate)】
What you see first when you visit Kinkaku-Ji temple is 総門【So-Mon Gate】and down a tree-lined path to an area before a yellow wall and 中門【Chu-Mon Gate】

The Kinkaku-Ji world starts just after you’ve walked through these gates!!


金閣【Kinkaku】is the three-story pavilion which is 10 by 13m in the area and 13m high, topped by 1.1m bronze phoenix with outspread wings.

The exterior of the first floor of the pavilion is unpainted wood, on the other hand, the two upper floors are lacquered and covered with gold.

The first floor of the pavilion was used as a reception hall. The second floor was reserved for private meetings with guests. The third floor served as a private retreat for ceremonial tea drinking and contemplation.

You can take a beautiful and great picture that Kinkaku is reflected onto the surface of 鏡池【Kagami-Ike(Mirror Pond)】, in addition, in winter, if it snows, the Kinkaku will be covered with snow which makes the golden body more attractive than usual.

In summer, the clear blue sky and the trees around Kinkaku-Ji will be covered with green leaves. In other words, you can see lots of faces of Kinkaku-Ji every season!!


On the north side of Kinkaku-Ji temple, there is a small waterfall, which has a stone seems like Carp that follows the Chinese admonition 登竜門【To-Ryu-mon】means a gateway of success, standing before it.


陸舟の松【Rikushu no Matsu】
A noteworthy pine, named 陸舟の松【Rikushu no matsu】form its boat-like shape, is in the north garden opposite to Kinkaku-Ji temple.


抹茶【Green tea】
I know there are so many great things in the precinct. But I want you to know and try drinking Green tea with Japanese-sweets. It will be a memorable thing there!!

You can find the tea place named 金閣寺不動釜茶所【Kinkakuji-fudougamachasho 】 after you walk through 夕佳亭 【Sekka-tei】.

Green tea (with Japanese sweets): 500 yen

Of course, green tea is tasty and excellent!! And Japanese sweet is also fabulous. In addition, you can not only drink excellent green tea but also see a beautiful maple red leaves if you go there in fall.




紅葉【Autumn Leaves】

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・ Open: 9:00 to 17:00

・Admission Fee: 400 yen (Adult)



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