Kyoto #1: 清水寺 【Kiyomizu-dera】Part2

The mysterious shrine at Kiyomizu
Jishu Shrine in Kyoto

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Jishu shrine is a shrine located on the precincts of Kiyomizu-dera temple. Originally, it was the shrine of Kiyomizu-dera who worships the god of the land. At present, it is widely known as Kyoto bring worshipper good relationships and luck. This shrine is popular not only with Japan but also with tourists from overseas.



Jishu-Shrine is one of the attractive and mysterious places in Kyoto that there is a line in front of this shrine. It is also known to bring you the success of Love relationship when you visit here.
So many people come here to pray for the success of them, especially love and good relationship!!


Mysterious Spot At Kiyomizu…
Jishu shrine looks clean and new although it is the oldest shrine in Kyoto. The inside and outside of the main hall are covered with gold leaf and brightly colored, so you will never get tired of watching it.

Entrance Gate

Main Shrine


The history and Background…
Jishu-Shrine dedicated to Okuninushi-no-Mikoto who is in charge of Love and Matchmaking. 
There is the statue of him behind the entrance gate, in addition, the rabbit beside him is a messenger of the god!!



Give it a shot…
Up there, there are small shrine buildings and two stones called Love fortune-telling stones about 10 meters apart. stand by one of the stones, close your eyes and walk from one stone to the other. If you could make it, your wishes would be granted by the God of Love and Matchmaking.


Many students in their early teens and tourists enjoy seeing the stones and trying it. Boy and girls challenge walking with his eyes closed and his friends cheer him up nearby.

How to do
■ Those who have arrived at once ➡︎ Love will be fulfilled early
■ Those who arrived a few times ➡︎ The fulfillment of love is likely to be delayed
■ People who have received help from a friend ➡︎ Performance of love will require human power


FYI, Topic about 清水寺【Kiyomuzu-Dera Temple】consists of Three posts. Please check all attractive things about it!! I hope you’re gonna enjoy as much as I did.


・ Open: 6 A.M to 6 P.M (Depending on the Season and Date)

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