Kyoto Attraction#2: 御朱印 of 七福神 【Goshuin of Seven Lucky Gods】

Today’s topic is 七福神 【Seven Lucky Gods】

Do you know about Seven Lucky Gods??
We can say this in other word ‘The Seven Deities of Good Fortune’.
Can you imagine a picture of these god in your head??
I’m trying to explain about these gods and also how to get 御朱印 ‘Goshuin’ of them in Kyoto.

福神 【the Seven Lucky Gods】

七福神 【the Seven Lucky Gods】 are made up of below seven gods.

① 恵比寿【Ebis】
② 大黒天【Daikoku-ten】
③ 毘沙門天【Bishamon-ten】
④ 弁財天【Bezai-ten】
⑤ 福禄寿【Fukurolu-ju】
⑥ 寿老人【Juro-jin】
⑦ 布袋尊【Hotei-son】

Since the old days, they have been believed in as gods that keep off calamity and bring good luck.

Among them, the only original Japanese god is Ebis.
Daikoku-ten, Bishamon-ten and Bezai-ten are gods of ancient India and Hotei-son, Juro-jin and Fukuroku-ju are gods of ancient India and Chaina.
The story is that these very popular deities were selected by a Priest named Tenkai.

Anyway, I’ll explain each Gods below and show you Goshuin of them in Kyoto.

七福神【The Seven Lucky Gods】

① 恵比寿【Ebis】
(1) God of the Ocean, Fishing Folk, Good Forture, Honest Labor, Commerce.
(2) 恵美須神社 (Ebisu-Shrine)

② 大黒天【Daikoku-ten】
(1) God of Earth, Agrculture, Farmers, Wealth, Prosperity, Flood Control, The Kitchen.
(2) 松ヶ崎大黒天(妙円寺) (Myoen-Temple)

③ 毘沙門天 【Bishamon-ten】
(1) God of Treasure, Bringer of Wealth, Defender of the Nation, Scourge of Evil  Doers, Healer of Ilness.
(2) 東寺 (To-Temple)

④ 弁財天 【Bezai-ten】
(1) Goddess of Music, Beauty, Eloquence, Literature, Art.
(2) 六波羅蜜寺 (Rokuharamitsu-Temple)

⑤ 福禄寿【Fukurolu-ju】
(1) God of Wealth, Happiness, Longevity, Verility, and Fertility.
(2) 赤山禅院 (Akayamazen-In

⑥ 寿老人 【Juro-jin】
(1) God of Wisdom & Longevity.
(2) 革堂(行願寺) (Gyogan-Temple)

⑦ 布袋尊【Hotei-son】
(1) God of Contentment and Happiness.
(2) 萬福寺 (Manpuku-Temple)

Collecting these Goshuin was really fun and I could go and see each temple.

And also you can walk and go around the entire Kyoto while you’re collecting them because each place is a bit far from each other.

I’ve got to know about Kyoto through these experiences and I’m getting into Kyoto more than before.

If you’re interested in this, let’s try and have beautiful and awesome experiences.

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