Kyoto Attraction#1: 御朱印【Goshuin】

Finally the day that I’m gonna write about 御朱印 is coming!!

This is my most favorite hobbies and culture in Japan.
I’ve liked 習字 which means Japanese calligraphy.

I’ll introduce about 御朱印 in detail and how to get it in Japan!!
I believe you’re gonna be interested in it and start.

朱印 Goshuin

御朱印 means Japanese calligraphy and a letter bearing the shogun’s scarlet seal of Japanese shrines and temples.
御朱印帳 means a stamp book especially for collecting 御朱印.

御朱印帳 (Goshuin-cho: Stampbook)

御朱印 (Goshuin: calligraphy and a letter bearing the shogun’s scarlet seal)

This is a kind of proof I’ve been to a shrine or temple.
We usually get it whenever we go there but almost places have a time limit for how long you can get it.
In most cases, it’s from 9 A.M to 4 P.M.

It bears a scarlet stamp over which the name of the temple or shrine is written with a brush and black ink, and then the date of the visit is also written on it.
In addition, not only the name of them, some of them have special words and messages, also the Seven Deities of Good Fortune(I’m gonna write about this someday)

The scarlet stamps coupled with the beautiful brush strokes are very attractive.
If you like or be interested in collecting something like Japanese stuff, I’m quite sure that you’re gonna get into and addicted to this lol

御朱印帖 【Goshuin-Book】

I’m introducing about one of Goshuin.

I got this Goshuin-cho at 東寺 Toji in Kyoto.
There is near Kyoto-station, only 10 minutes from Kyoto station by walk.

Toji is a World Heritage Site.
There are so many historical and precious things there.
Also there is a quite famous and popular The wooden five-storey pagoda.
In addition, you can see Shidare cherry which means a variety of cherry tree with drooping branches.

I’ll show you some pictures of Shidare cherry Toji next April.
That’s why Toji and around there is really really popular to foreigners and tourists.

It’s been almost two years since I got this there.
I originally love coming and walk around there because I can see beautiful scenery and Toji I go like below in the morning, even at night.
I mean we can see the Japanese beauty and sophistication whenever we go.

And also this is the Goshuin of Toji.
This is very beautiful, isn’t it ?!?!

I think this culture is so nice and awesome because you can see Japanese traditional buildings and stuff when you go to somewhere to get Goshuin.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

東寺 【To-Ji Temple】

・Open : 5 A.M to 5 P.M
・Entrance Fee :  free
800 yen (A part of them)
・Adres 】・Open:gashimonzencho, Kyoto Minami-ku, Kyoto
601-8428 Japan
・URL :

I’m gonna show you other Goshuin and places where you can get it.

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